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I’m Baaaack

You guys, I really missed you!

Technically I was back yesterday, but it was so hectic I took an extra day off from the blog. But no near fear, now I’m here.

We ended up not leaving Florida until like 10am on Tuesday morning and spent the extra time hanging out with Torrance’s mom. It was nice. Also, we had gone out the night before and I may have drunk 2 and a half bottles of wine, so that had something to do with it. We actually all drank quite a bit and it called for a somewhat of a late start that morning.

We loaded up the car and headed out. Torrance’s mom has actually been storing a lot of stuff for him since he has always had a room at her house since he always spent summers with her when he was younger, so we finally took it all off her hands since we drove. It was quite a bit including random instruments (oh goody), some collectables, and the rest of his beer glass collection.

We will weed through it this week and hopefully get it put away and/or stored if needed.


One of the highlights of my trip though, was on the way back we stopped at my friend Anna’s work in Georgia to say hi to her. It has been 2 years since I saw her! So sad! We had originally planned to stop around her lunch and go eat lunch with her but since we got a late start that didnt work out.

Dont mind my disgusting hair and roadtrip outfit. Lots of wine and late night remember? Comfort is key right?


So we made it back home around 11pm and headed straight to bed since it was back to work in the morning! I spent most of yesterday playing catch up at work and getting back into routine.

Our apartment is a complete disaster from all the boxes since we had to unload everything out of the rental car the night we got in so I could return it in the morning. Oh and it was raining so everything was semi-wet and it was just tons of fun 😉

Oh and last night when I got off work. I ran home like an overly excited kid because I was ecstatic about the Apple iOS 5 update for my iPhone and all the cool new features it would have. Yes I am a complete tech nerd.  However, it did not go as planned because after trying to update it my phone crashed and wouldnt work. It was a huge pain. I finally figured it out after much frustration and all feels right in the world again.

Oh, I also made a 10pm run to the grocery store to re-stock our kitchen (again). Geesh. It was an exhausting day yesterday.

I do feel good again though, because I have this back in my life:


Speaking of food, that weekend trip to Florida was probably one of the first trips we have taken where I dont feel like I ate junk (or too much). Usually when I go on trips I splurge a little more but I really didnt….well besides tons of wine – but that doesnt count right?

Back to work… and also fitness class tonight! Yikes, I hope I make it through it after my little break this weekend!


Do you have an iPhone? If so what do you think of the update?

Catch me up! How was your last week and weekend?

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  1. i havent updated my iphone yet but thats on my to-do list tonight!

    glad to have you back and happy to hear you had a good trip! sometimes its hard to be good on vacation but I think i did a decent job myself last time (with the exception of wine and beer too hahaha)

    have fun with your fitness class, woot!

    October 13, 2011
  2. I LOOVEE iOS5!!! I’m a huge tech nerd too =) I updated my iPhone and my iPad within 10 minutes each and had no problems, but I definitely feel bad for you. What’s your favourite part of the update? I’d have to say mine is the new notifications.

    October 14, 2011
    • OMG i know, im glad i got it sorted out. i updated my boyfriends last night for him and his went smoothly and quick haha.
      my favorite part is definitely the notifications too! I love it. i also like the new “shortcuts” feature (under settings, keyboard) where you can make your own shortcuts and it turns them into long hand for you (like if you type “omw” it will type out “on my way” for you (how lazy are we getting right?!) haha
      I also love the camera from the lockscreen feature! We are having issues with the iMessage thing too because we use the same Apple ID for like itunes on both our phones so we both cant have imessage active. its sorta weird. anyway love it overall!

      October 14, 2011

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