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Fun Fact Friday 3: The Food Edition

I am relieved this week is over. I know I only worked for 3 days but I’ll be happy to get everything back on a normal feeling routine.

And also if you saw my tweet last night, I sadly did not make it in time to my workout class because I ended up stuck at work a little late. I was so sad! I plan to get a little running in this weekend and make sure to make it to class 3 times next week to get back on track and I am definitely feeling my week with no exercise – it makes me a bit sluggish.

My breakfast this morning was grabbed in a hurry and consisted of a banana and a yogurt (definitely not enough for me). I will be making a mid-morning run to Starbucks for a giant coffee after I get a few things taken care of at work.


I have to cut this one a little short, so I will be back for another post later today but for now its time to get smarter with useless knowledge, because it’s Friday.

Ready for some possibly not-so-delicious food facts?

  1. Refried beans are only fried once (this one is funny for some reason)
  2. The average American eats 11.7 pounds of chocolate per year. Denmark is the country that consumes the most at about 30 lbs per person, per year.
  3. 50% of people with latex allergies are also allergic to bananas. Also, the group of bananas that we see at the supermarket (that most refer to as a “bunch”) is actually called a “hand” of bananas.
  4. Olive oil has a shelf life of 2 years if stored in a cool, dark place but has the most flavor in the first 2 months after being “opened”
  5. The most popular cheese in the world? Cheddar and its different varieties. 
  6. Chewing mint gum while peeling onions can help keep you from crying (weird, I’ll test this one)
  7. The US consumes about 18 acres of pizza daily (thats it? …kidding, kinda)
  8. ….and last and definitely least – the average human eats at least 4 bugs in their sleep throughout their life time.

*PS – if you missed the last 2 editions of Fun Fact Friday here they are:


What is your favorite type of cheese?
Mine is fresh mozzarella!

Do you get sluggish after not working out for a few days?

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  1. I’m definitely feeling sluggish right now and that’s why I purchased the boot camp classes! I can’t wait to get back into working out.
    These food facts are really interesting! …. and a little bit gross! haha. I think I might be right on par or above the chocolate consumption thing haha.

    October 14, 2011

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