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A Keyboard, A Guitar, & A Funny Dog

Last night we headed out for a quick dinner. I felt like steak and after driving around for a short period, we just pulled into Outback. It was actually quite excellent. Whenever I go there, I want to use an Australian accent the whole time. Torrance said no.

I got the petite fillet, grilled hemp, and steamed broccoli (and a nice glass of wine!)


After that, we pretty much headed home to veg after our hectic week.

Though I had planned to sleep in this morning, it didn’t really work out like that. However, I was able to get a few things done this morning which was nice and that included a short run ontout side. Since I haven’t really ran much since I started my fitness class, it felt really good even though I was moving a little slow.

I was pleasantly surprised to see another beautiful day today. It feels really crisp and clean outside, which I love.


I think it would be a good day to finally bring Kona to that park we have been wanting to try out!


I am, as usual, waiting for Torrance to wake up so I can cook something delicious for breakfast….. Or maybe go somewhere.

At some point this weekend we will be tackling the boxes of whatever belongings Torrance brought back from his mom’s in FL. It looks like some of it is collector type stuff that will go to storage.


Scary isn’t it?

The coolest items that were carted back is the electric guitar and this gem:


That my friends, is an electric organ keyboard (obviously from the early 90s). Believe it or not I used to play the piano so I am actually kind of looking forward to re-teaching myself and playing some tunes.

I am not sure that the guitar will get as much use as neither of us know how to play it. Hmmm…..maybe Torrance can learn and we can start a band… Kidding, wouldn’t that just be hilarious.

I am going to leave you guys with this HILARIOUS video. It is a little sad but I think he’s ok 🙂 Kona runs in her sleep but nothing like this….


Do you/can you play an instrument?

What is on your agenda this weekend?

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