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Playing Stick and Delicious Potatoes

Happy Monday!

If you are catching up from this weekend be sure to check out:

This weekend was seriously rejuvenating. After our trip last weekend, it felt good to get everything reorganized. And we did get all those boxes put away by the way… it was like we were moving in again all over! Kidding, most of the stuff just went to the storage closet on the side of our porch.

Yesterday there wasnt much going on, thus the lack o blog post. It was another really nice day (75) and you ran really see the difference in the leaves changing (and falling).

We took Kona down to the grassy area at the apartment and played stick forever because she was driving us crazy and I think she needed to expend some extra energy.

She was completely pooped afterward (goal achieved!) and we got some peace and quiet! After I got the house cleaned I finally felt ok (not guilty) for sitting down and catching up on my favorite shows…. including I finally got to watch Kim K’s wedding special that I missed last week. Priorities!


Last night, I was excited about dinner though! I made an oven roast (no pictures, sorry) but was most excited aobut this that I picked up this weekend!

Since I am the queen of simple food/dinner creations I was excited for these. They are in the freezer isle and you simple preheat the herbed olive oil packet they include in a pan and then saute for about 10 minutes. They were delicious. Torrance said he thought the mushrooms in there made the whole thing taste like mushrooms though, which I agree but that was the part I liked about it – they do have a few other variations though that dont include mushrooms, etc. I highly recommend them though, they were delicious and simple and I definitely

Everyone have a great day! Back to fitness class tonight! I cant wait… though I am sure I will be struggling to keep up some since its been a week and a half!


Have you ever tried the Alexia brand sides?

How was your weekend?!

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  1. lapiattini #

    I’ve tried the Alexia sweet potato fries- real good! I’m not a big mushroom fan so I’m not sure I’d like that but good to hear they have ones without mushrooms.

    October 17, 2011

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