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It’s Story Time

Okay I understand my blog is a healthy living theme and I hope you guys see the theme in that and dont instead think: Geez why doesnt she just call it the random-posts-about-my-life-including-my-dog-and-work-and-how-I-have-no-furniture” blog instead?

Well now is one of those times because it is story time about something completely unrelated to fitness, health, or food. And there are 2 parts to this so bear with me.

So I am sad that my neighbor from downstairs moved out. We are in a 3 story apartment building and we are on the top (3rd) floor and there are 2 people underneath us. This extremely nice man lived under us before with his dog and he was so cool (remember, he always told me how fabulous my shoes were… ūüėČ ). Anyway, he apparently moved out last weekend. Sad.

However, we were very excited to see new neighbors moving in on Wednesday, a couple our age with 2 dogs. We were so excited since we havent really met anyone here yet… yay friends! (pathetic?). I was already planning the ways I could try to befriend them without appearing to be desperate.

On Thursday¬†after work,¬†we noticed they had a beautiful husky on their porch. It was so quiet and just sitting there, looking lovely. And on Friday night, when we came home from Outback, we noticed it was on the porch again. No big deal. And by the way, I still hadnt actually seen the neighbors by this point or “ran” into them yet to say hi (I tried though…)

 ^^ this is a spitting image of their dog but not actually theirs, I got this picture from this site.

Whenever Torrance is out on the porch, he always looks over the railing and talks to his new husky friend below because he feels bad that he may be lonely. Well on Saturday morning, Torrance pointed out that he could see piles of poop on the porch. Not cool.

I was thinking, maybe he just got sick? And as I thought about it more… I still had never seen them let him out or anything. On Sunday, it was worse. More poop (and the others hadnt been cleaned up) and pee too (eww for the nieghbors under them…). As much as I hate to be that neighbor, I figured I had to tell the apartments because I love animals, and it basically breaks my heart to see him being somewhat neglected (at least there was food and water on the porch).

I toyed around with it some though because I figured if I told the apartment office what I saw the neighbors would know its us since we are obviously the only people that would be able to see it. After thinking about it, I checked this morning and there are still multiple piles of poop (including the original from Saturday) so I decided to talk to the apartment office this morning.

I told her to please keep it very anonymous (I’m sure they would anyway) because I hate being that person. She stated they actually got a “concern” from the building that faces ours across the way from someone who said they were worried they never let the dog out because its always there so they were already planning on addressing it which is good, at least someone else noticed.

Now I just have to pretend like nothing happened and still try to befriend them, though I am not sure I want to befriend people who neglect their dog (judgemental? maybe).

Okay so now for the second part of that story…. (I’ll keep it short, promise).

Prime time TV should be paying me money. I say this because, they are obviously spying on me and making spin-offs of my life.

Last night I was still playing catch up on my DVR. And was excited to watch a new show that just started…

If you have watched the first couple episodes of this show, you may see where I’m going with this.

Torrance and I are not new parents, however, this is us.

The episode I turned on was an episode where Christina Applegate’s character & her husband (Will Arnett) get cool new neighbors that move in next door to them and they want to “be cool” and make friends with them. However, when the “cool neighbors” throw a party, and they cant go because of the baby, they are super bummed and wish they were there. But later in the night when they are trying to put the kid to sleep, they cant because of the loud music from the party so they are forced to call the cops.

They then realize their mistake and dont want to get cought being “those neighbors” so before the cops come they go to the party to “blend” in so no one will suspect them of calling. Why would they call if they are there? Anyway, it of course ends in them being pinned as “those neighbors.”

Oh the irony.


In other news, I sadly got stuck running errands last night and by the time we got home after work it was 6:45, too late to make it to my class which really stinks because I was way looking forward to it.

And I was so lazy with dinner that I made a chicken sausage sandwich, and some canned pineapple slices. You may be seeing this as a repeat because I will most likely have it for lunch today as well ūüôā

And speaking of repeats, egg n jelly sandwich is back for breakfast!

Sandwich galore! I have problems.

Have a GREAT day!


Tell me a story about a bad neighbor experience you have had!

Are you more of a dog or a cat person?
I am definitely a dog person!

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  1. We had a horrible bad neighbor experience this summer! I was home alone one night when I heard our outside water faucet being turned on. It scared the poop out of me! After a panicky call to my husband, I called the police to come out and take a look. There was no way I was going outside! It turns out our neighbor next door attached his hose to our water faucet and was watering his lawn! We have had our outside faucet turned off since then.
    I hope that poor dog is okay. Horrible people!

    October 18, 2011
    • Oh my gosh! That would scare me too probably. But what the heck? Like they waited for you tone sleeping to use your water? Haha that is sorta funny but definitely irritating. Weirdos.

      October 19, 2011

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