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“I Cook With Wine”

Goooood morning!

Phew, last nights fitness class was a tough one, we worked out for 50 minutes too – it is typically 35-45 minutes but I think I could feel the additional time because the stations were somewhat difficult last night. My favorite move of the night was using a stability ball that looked somewhat like this…the only difference was that we started with our thighs resting on the ball rather than our toes and then we rolled up to position B and then back down.

My least favorite was the inchworm. We have done that a couple of times, but it was my least favorite of last night….well it was a tie between that and pull-ups (ew).

If you’re not familiar, the inchworm looks something like that, and you use your ankles to inch your way up as far as you can go (ideally, almost standing position) and then walk your hands out in front of you again and repeat. Sounds easy enough, right? 😉

We also did sled pushes/pulls, squats on balance discs, axe choppers using a cable machine, and a few other moves. It was an excellent workout, and he had us at each station for 45 seconds.


When I returned home (extra shweaty) I took Kona for a little walk and then made a delicious dinner. I cooked up a chicken breast on the George Foreman that I used a little ‘Newman’s Own’ dressing on for seasoning.

On the side I enjoyed some cous cous (so good they named it twice!)

And also some steamed veggies, and I sauteed up some mushrooms in a little wine to add to the chicken!

And wine on the side…. thats a given! I enjoyed a nice Riesling. You know, I am not one for cheap wine because it does give you a headache – but that being said this may sound contradictory, but I love ‘Barefoot’ label wines! Weird I know, but (most of them) are great!

And being that I used some wine in my dinner tonight, it reminds me of my refrigerator magnet that reads:

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food!”

True that! I think my favorite things to cook with wine are sauces, mushrooms (and other veggies) and chicken (marsala in particular, yum!)


This morning I rolled out of bed feeling pretty good and not too sore, which was a plus. I brewed up delicious coffee and proceeded to get ready for work. After I rushed through getting ready for work I cooked up some breakfast – it suprisingly is not an egg n jelly sandwich, or a PB and banana…. shocking. It is, still a sandwich.

Egg, turkey, and cheese! Yesterday I watched my coworkers in envy as they ate McDonald’s McMuffins for breakfast so it just sounded like it would hit the spot today! Mmmm

Fitness class again tonight, I will be doing a triple whammy because the trainer will be out of town Thurs and Friday. He has another trainer who will be there Friday to lead class but I have some plans for Friday night so I wont be making it!

Have a great Tuesday!


Do you cook with wine (in your food I mean!)?

Do you enjoy Cous Cous?

Do you ever use the stability ball while working out?

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  1. lapiattini #

    Mmm Riesling is good stuff. I like the barefoot wines too- esp the white zinfandel!
    I’d like to cook with wine more but am not really familiar with when to use it or when to use white vs red- I’ll have to look into it more. We always have an open bottle hehe so I’ll try to find more recipes for it.

    October 25, 2011
    • Ohh Maria my absolute favorite thing to cook in wine is veggies (it makes them extra healthy 😉 ) I probably use white more often and I will heat up a small pan with a little olive oil, and then chop up mushrooms and broccoli (for example) and then throw the veggies in the Pan and add a little wine and let them sauté in there for a few. I do that a lot before i add veggies to pasta- it adds a lot of extra flavor!

      October 25, 2011

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