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An Extra Hard Workout & Ravioli

I will start out by saying last night’s fitness class was my hardest yet. Some of the things we did I cant even really explain them. One move included swinging a long (heavy) sledge-hammer over our shoulders and hitting a tire.

We also did a twisting motion where we swung a medicine ball on a rope back and forth hitting the wall behind us on each side . It was an awesome ab workout and you have to be quick and twist before the ball hits the wall or it will just bounce and hit you (ouch!). This picture is really the best I could find to demonstrate…

We used the TRX straps for 2 different moves last night – including Superman Push ups and Squat Pull-ups. The squat pull ups were difficult because rather than push up with your legs out of the squat position, you use your arms to pull you straight up… I dont have a lot of upper body strength so it was a doozy (haha, doozy!) It looked something like this –

We also did this weird upper body exercise that I dont know how to explain what it was or what we used but I snapped a picture of my poor unsuspecting fellow fitness class goer (mouthful!) while I was taking a water break, just so I could show you guys. We alternated hands pushing from our chest to overhead.


When I got home from class, I practically collapsed on the couch and took a breather for a bit before I headed to the kitchen to make some dinner. It seems directly after my workout I feel a little bloated almost, probably from all the water I chug during and right after, so I always have to take a little break and then the hunger kicks in.

I felt like something really filling (carbs!) so I cooked up some cheese ravioli I had n the freezer. I also sautteed some mushrooms in wine (again) and added that to the red sauce for a little beefiness.

It absolutely hit the spot.

Speaking of red sauce… I will be hosting my first giveaway within the next 2 weeks! I cant wait to tell you guys about it!


I actually made it to bed semi early last night (before 11:30) and managed to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual (which is like way out of character for me) so I took this sleepy brown dog on a long walk.

She was extra excited… when we came back she instantly sat in the kitchen waiting for me to feed her. She knows the routine!

I got ready for work and headed out the door, coffee and PB banana sandwich in hand.


And one last thing, I wanted to leave you guys with this great story. I think it is so adorable and sweet especially since I love dogs.

It is a story about a blind Great Dane whose buddy (another Great Dane) helps it get around. You can read the story here.

Do you like ravioli? Which kind is your favorite (mushroom, spinach, cheese, etc)?
Cheese is probably my favorite, and then I just add stuff into the sauce! I will try other kinds on occasion though.

How do you feel right after a really hard workout? (bloated, hungry, just tired, etc)?

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  1. that workout sounds like a real kickbutt one!! I’ve never worked with TRX straps before but I feel like all i’ve been reading is good things about them so I’m motivated to check em out.

    mmmm ravioli. I love lobster ravioli and butternut squash ravioli…those are both stupendous, but honestly, i love all ravioii, your pictures made my stomach growl a little!

    i am never hungry after a hard workout. if its a hard cardio workout, it takes me a good hour to feel really hungry…if its strength training, i will be RAVENOUS the next day, but not hungry right after. strength training makes me even hungrier then running does!

    October 26, 2011
    • Oh that is interesting but I think strength training makes me more hungry too to be honest.. maybe it has something to do with muscle repair?
      oo i have never tried butternut squash ravioli, that sounds very enticing though!
      And about trx straps, i always saw them on other blogs and thought they looks cool but probably wouldnt have pursued trying them on my own but now that our trainer has integrated them into our workouts i am so happy i did try them and would encourage it!! They are great!

      October 26, 2011

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