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Frosty Windshield

Good morning! If you are playing catch up from the weekend…

Look at what was waiting for me this morning when I went to go to work…

Yep, my old friend frosty windshield. A frosty windshield feels much different here…. something about not having to wait 10 minutes for it defrost has something to do with it I think.


Oh, and Happy Halloween! Sadly, we didnt do anything this year, we didnt really plan ahead for it. I will share last years Halloween’s festivities (costumes) though. It was so fun!

From left to right, my friend/old roomy Raevin as the Queen of Hearts, her sister (and my old coworker) Alexis as a 50’s gangster, yours truly as Dorothy, my friend Melissa as the lion, Kirstin as the scarecrow, and Sharayah as a 50’s pin up girl. So cute!

Oh, and thats just me hanging out with Kat Von D and Lady Gaga, no big deal.


I hopped off to work this morning with PB banana sandwich and coffee in hand. I have been taking my at home coffee-making very seriously. I even set everything out for us last night ahead of time.

His and hers to go cups and a mug for Torrance (he always drinks a cup while he’s getting ready for work and then grabs one to go with him). Aw, I’m so cute! (kidding). If only I had that sort of organization and preparation in other aspects of my life… hmmm.


Backing up to yesterday, we spent the day catching up on stuff around the house and running some errands. I did EIGHT loads of laundry which was completely exhausting… but there is something oddly satisfying about having your closet full of clean clothes and nothing in the laundry baskets (okay, on the floor).

I started off the day with cooking some of my favorite pancakes before the laundry marathon commenced.

We ran some errands and did a bunch of little random things throughout the day (nothing worth noting, promise).

 I was pretty excited about something I had picked up at the grocery store to try for dinner. I bought some chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella and Portobello mushrooms. Yes I cheated and bought the pre-stuffed ones out of the meat case.

I wrapped them in foil and cooked for about 35 minutes at 375 degrees.

Served alongside some sliced tomatoes, stuffing, and sugar snap peas.

Notice I used my super strength self-control to eat only a little bit of stuffing.

The chicken was just okay. It was a lot of food (specifically a lot of chicken and not enough mushrooms/cheese). I probably wont buy again but will try my own version so I can season it the way I like!

I’m off to work! Fitness class tonight, I will get to test out my new shoes!

Have a good Monday.

  • Do you have any good “stuffed chicken breast” recipes to share with me (or link to in comments…)?
  • What’d you do this past weekend?
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  1. I love looking at Halloween costumes! I already have so many ideas for next year. I love theme costumes also, so your Wizard of Oz is funny.

    And I find that happens to me a lot when I buy stuffed chicken – just not very good. I’d stuff it myself, but I’m lazy 😉

    October 31, 2011
    • i know, I say I will try it but it will be one day when Im super ambitious!
      And I always have TONS of ideas for halloween but then wait to long to make it happen haha, i need to write these super good ideas down so i can plan way ahead for once haha

      October 31, 2011

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