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Early Christmas Spirit

I dont know what it is but the last two nights I have slept like a complete rock, which is marvelous – but it does make it harder to get myself out of bed because I was just that comfortable.

Needless to say it was a pony tail day…. ok who am I kidding, everyday is a pony tail day for me. Also a dress. Because with a dress it takes less time because there is less clothes to put on.

Luckily Torrance left me tons of coffee this morning so I chugged some down plus took some to go (along with a PB banana sandwich).

Something about this cup makes me feel Christmassy, even though it is pink – I think maybe it is the swirly “A” that reminds me of an elf.

It had me thinking about Christmas already. It seems like Christmas is going to feel really different this year for me since we most likely wont have snow (though they did here last year). I think I just have this weird Christmas enthusiasm built into me since I actually grew up in North Pole, Alaska where there is a lingering Christmas theme all year. (e.g. home of The Santa Clause House, the street lamps are painted and shaped to look like candy canes…etc)

I do, take my Christmas decorating to a wonderful level, and I will need to buy all new Christmas decor because that is one thing that took up a lot of room and I didnt want to tote along when we moved from Alaska. (I told you, we seriously did get rid of everything!)

I can’t believe I am thinking about Christmas decor when I still need to get normal decor for my house 🙂 Oh well… priorities ya know!


Yesterday for lunch , my coworker and I headed off to Ruby Tuesday’s to chow down on some salad bar. I love salad bars, but sometimes I have issues with them because they go against all of my “no food on my plate touching” rule. Yes I am a 5-year-old and should have a sectional plate, but being a responsible adult people would look at me funny.

You really cant tell in the picture but there is a very meticulous lettuce barrier between the salad and grapes to keep the dressing off of them.

I hope everyone has an excellent day… I plan to get some serious work done today and then off to fitness class tonight! Maybe I will actually cook dinner tonight…I ate the rest of the left over pasta last night. At least my wine made sense with that.

  • Do you hate when your food touches on your plate? Or do you just pile it on?
  • When do you typically start decorating for Christmas?
    Usually I start right around Thanksgiving… I feel like it is on my mind now though since I need to buy all new Christmas decor I need to get started on doing that now so I can beat all the crazy Christmas shoppers!
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  1. i think the stripes of the cup definitely help in that “christmasy” feeling as well!

    i LOVE ruby tuesdays salad bar…mostly because i adore their croutons and if I could, would prob eat a whole bowl of em just like popcorn. carb fiend much? I dont mind things touching on my plate but theres alot of people out there that do so dont feel too alone 😉

    Kevin is much more into decorating for xmas then I parents were always last minute decorators, usually not putting up a tree until like, 2 weeks before xmas. maybe thats where I get it from…but now that we are in a smaller place, i think its going to be impossible to have a tree without our cats completely ruining it or knocking it down…so we will have to get creative about how we decorate this year!

    November 3, 2011
    • Omg their croutons are my absolute favorite too (notice them piled on top) I love that they are crunchy but also spongy. Mmmmmm!

      November 3, 2011
  2. I do mind my food touching, unless it is just a really wrong mix of flavours. For example, tonight I was at a function and the plates were really small and the ranch dip that was on my veggies was touching my slice of watermelon! Not cool. I do not get down with that. I ate them both anyway though, so no biggies. I genuinely LOVE salads, and I love a weird mix of shtuff in my salads.

    I usually start getting into the Christmas spirit on December 1!

    November 3, 2011
  3. Whoops, I meant to write I DON’T mind my food touching!

    November 3, 2011
  4. North pole, Alaska??? Are you kidding? Why did you move? I want to live with Santa!

    November 7, 2011
    • aww tho santa is FUN. it is COLD there (it was 20 below 0 already last week) and also, there sadly isnt quite enough to do. haha BUT if you visit, go during the summer because it is the best summer EVER. and santa is still there.

      November 7, 2011

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