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Random Friday Time! (& Spaghetti Squash)


Its random Friday time! But first, the usual rundown.

Last night I headed off to fitness class as planned. I learned that my trainer gets mad when I call it class because it really isnt, and he says that sounds boring. He says I should refer to it as group training instead. I will work on it.

Last night was the first time we have ever repeated a workout. We did the same workout that we did last Thursday (which was an awesome one!). There were a couple moves that varied, but it was the same for the most part, which I was 100% okay with because I enjoyed that mix. We also had a really small group last night, just 4 girls – which never happens. It was nice because we all got a little extra attention on form, etc.

Before I took off for class group training, I put a spaghetti squash in the oven. I have been dying to try some as I have never had it!

I pierced it all over with a knife and placed it on its side (whole) on a cookie sheet. I set the oven to 375 degrees and set the timer for 1 hour. Torrance so nicely took it out for me, so when I got home it was ready to prepare. I sliced it in half (lengthwise), scooped the seeds and guts, and then scraped it out with a fork into a medium bowl. I prepared some marinara and sautteed mushrooms and served just like spaghetti.

Sadly my pictures of that part did not come out well. iPhone camera let me down. I am in serious need of a new camera….Hmmm, Christmas wish list?

I reassure you it was really, really good! Torrance was not quite as much in love with it as I was, but I had boiled some regular noodles for him because I had a hunch it would be “too weird” for him. I know him too well.

On to the randoms!


Random #1: Cowgirl wallet & giant purse
When Torrance went to Dallas for work a few weeks back, he brought me back a little present (he’s the best!). A new wallet, and it has “Texas” written all over it. It had to grow on me, and now I love it.

Yes, that is faux snakeskin. And yes, that is a big blingin’ star. Like I said, Texas.

In addition to that, I have really wanted a new (red) purse for fall. I fell in love with this Nine West purse but was hesitant to get it because it is giant and bigger than any purse I have ever carried. After Torrance gave me that wallet I figured it was a good time to go get that purse because I couldnt resist. I love Nine West purses because they are a soft and floppy leather. Plus, it was on sale (marked down to $30 from $120!!) cant beat that!

Yes, so big it wouldnt even all fit in the picture.

Random #2: New boots
I am absolutely loving these new boots I got in this week. I had a credit at a store online from a while back and used it to get these tan-booty-beauties (hehe).

Random #3: Peanut Butter
Remember how I was on the search for a new peanut butter a while ago? Well I have been experimenting and for now I found a whipped variety I like. Which is weird, I usually like my PB thick and heavy but something about this is just delicious, and I’m diggin it for now.

Random #4: Pie
Believe it or not, out of all the cooking and baking I have done… I have never baked a pie. This is on my to do list within the next month. Dont worry, I wont bake it for a holiday celebration…just incase I mess it up. Everyone has high pie expectations during the holidays ya know, and I wouldnt want to ruin anyone’s Thanksgiving.

Have a good day! I’m off to get ready for work and make some breakfast! And coffee. Need coffee.


  • Have you gotten any new accessories (shoes, scarves, purses, etc) that you are loving lately?
  • Any new-to-you recipes you are going to try for the holidays?

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  1. I am LOVING those boots! So cute! I just got some amazing brown wedge boots at Kohl’s that I love!

    I am really excited to try a recipe for Bourbon Pecan Pie I found on Food Network – I cannot wait to try it.

    Ps. Just saw you were in NC – me TOO!

    November 11, 2011
    • OO bourbon pecan pie! that sounds fabulous.
      I know when I was reading through your”about” section i was so excited to see you are in NC too! I JUST moved here this summer so i love reading fellow NC bloggers posts, just because everything is still new to me here! 🙂 But I sure do LOVE it here that is for sure!

      November 11, 2011
  2. ahhh yes i love accessories! the wallet is interesting, and made me smile, but I like it alot actually. it definitely screams texas!

    I am loving my new roxy mocassins that I bought recently..they are warm and go perfectly with flare jeans so that I can be warm without having to wear skinny jeans that tuck into my uggs!

    i think i’m gonna stick with my tried and true recipes for the holidays..but i will be attempting to make elmo cake pops next month for kevins nephews birthday…stay tuned next month for what i’m SURE will be an interesting blog post about it, LOL!

    November 11, 2011
    • haha that was my reaction when he presented me with that wallet. hehe. it grew on me.
      OO roxy mocassins?! I want to see!
      And I cant wait to read about/see the cake pops.. that is another thing I am yet to attempt haha

      November 11, 2011
  3. I might have to try spaghetti squash in the oven. I always use my microwave! Thanks!

    November 11, 2011
    • Aw! Of course, it was so easy, I just read somewhere else that you can do it in the microwave too! Im guessing that is probably faster! Though it was really good baked!

      November 11, 2011

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