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Honey Cinnamon Butter, Apple Pie Soup, and Weekend Babble

^^^^ Sometimes coming up with a name for my post is really the hardest part, so to make things easy I think just choosing random snippets are best.


Phew, finally sitting down to relax for the day!

My weekend to-do list is now looking like this:

  • laundry (wahhhh!!!)
  • house cleaning
  • grocery shopping (yay!)
  • kitchen table shopping (I hope. I need. I want)<——kinda checked off.
  • a run
  • a brown dog walk
  • a date night. Maybe dinner and bowling? I have had a weird itch to go bowling? How strange.<—— no bowling was involved.

Yesterday didnt involve much besides driving around to different stores looking for a kitchen table with no success. Being that we dont want to spend a lot (we are limited to something smaller due to the size of our apartment) we will find something low-cost and when we have a house, and the room for it, we will buy a nice table that we love. For now a 4-place pub style is what Im on the hunt for. Most that we found that we liked were $600+ (#notabargain!) but luckily today we ended up finding something we liked for a cheap price.. Geesh. We will most likely go get it tomorrow.

I know that Torrance is overjoyed at the thought of putting it together, because assembling furniture is always a ton of fun….

Oh and yetserday also involved some afternoon naptime.

Doesnt that pic ^^ look oddly heavenly? There was so much sun coming from the sun room behind the couch that it turned out sort of angelic.


We did go on a mini-date, but it did not involve bowling which was okay, we were both sort of lazy and un-social feeling yesterday so we ended up just going to an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They are a chain restaurant that are known for their excellent hand-cut steaks at reasonable prices. We had never been so we decided to check it out since we were driving by.

For dinner I ordered filet medallions with a side salad and mashed potatoes. Their side salad was amazing for the simple fact that it automatically comes with hard boiled egg on it (score, one of my favorite salad toppings!). The filet medallions were served over a bed of rice pilaf which I wasnt aware of but in the end worked out good because I wasnt a fan of their mashed potatoes.

Their rolls were also to die for… mostly because they were served with a honey cinnamon butter. This = heaven.

Oh and dont forget the apple pie soup. It was actually apple pie with vanilla ice cream but they serve it with a hot caramel sauce and by the time I snapped a pic it was soup, and still delicious.

After that, we rented a movie, that 5 minutes into, I fell asleep (dont even remember what it was called, I was just tired though!)


Today I woke up naturally again at about 8:15. I got all the lame household stuff done, cleaning, shopping, the works. And I somehow got sucked into watching Cruel Intentions. Its funny because I was just reading about that on someone else’s blog last week and it was randomly on TV and I sat and watched almost the whole thing. Aw good old Ryan, Reese, Selma, and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy..).

Im also relieved to report that Torrance did most of the laundry and I seriously will love him forever now because I was not in the mood.

Notice I didnt manage to go for a run? I lacked the motivation for that. Lately running just hasnt sounded appealing, I dont know what it is….hopefully my motivation and interest will re-spark soon. My ass needs the extra workout on the weekend. Literally.

I also baked some cookies tonight, and I will share the recipe tomorrow,  because for now I am going to unplug, paint my nails, drink wine, watch TV, and cuddle my brown dog.

  • Are there any “chain” restaurants you really enjoy (not fast food)?
  • Did you manage to get any good workouts in this weekend?

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  1. i think it’s good you didn’t run if you weren’t feeling it! better to just skip it rather than burn out completely right? your eats look so good!

    November 13, 2011

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