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Positive ‘tude: Round 3

First, I want to report that even though I went in with a gung-ho positive attitude, my Tuesday turned out just like my no good Monday! Haha… I felt the megastress throughout the day and left the office a little pouty, I must admit.

Even though it’s a rainy morning out, and first thing leaving my apartment to walk down to the truck, AND my umbrella broke (damn!) it’s another new day. Positive attitude round 3 is commencing now. I figure it can hopefully just get better at this point 😉

Okay, okay – enough with the Debbie Downer, promise.

When I got to the office (early) to start the day out right, I had some cinnamon oatmeal with sliced bananas.


Yesterday I did eat some subway for lunch. It’s been a while. I didnt really have much of an appetite so I headed out for lunch late in the afternoon just to make sure I had something in my stomach. I opted for something semi-plain since any cravings seemed nonexistent.

A 6 inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, spinach, tomato, and mustard (apparently a lot of mustard?) did the trick.

After work, I managed to slip off to group training which was a fabulous release. My trainer mentioned that I seemed particularly tense. I’m tellin ya, he knows everything.

Anyway, we did some squat rows using the TRX straps (looking similar to picture below). We also did wall sits with a medicine ball overhead chop which was exhausting, and a kettle ball swing. Those three stuck out to me the most because they were definitely the most challenging!

The kettle bell swings looked something like this:

“Pop the hips.” By the end of the session, my hips were all popped out and I was eager to get home and chow down.

My original plan of cooking up some salmon didnt go so well because it seemed a little…. funky. I hate wasting food but I didnt want to chance it, especially not with fish. So I pulled out the George Foreman and cooked up some chicken breast.

For sides I steamed some green beans and topped them with a little oil and balsamic vinegar for flavor and also a little cous cous. I of course topped the chicken with some sauteed mushrooms.

After dinner I took a chill pill (chill pill = drinking wine out of the bottle…kidding…. kinda) and headed off for bed. After stressful days I have a hard time turning my brain off so I laid around for a while and watched some TV (hello Friends reruns!)

****Sidenote, if you have NOT done so yet, you need to get over to Hungry Runner Girl’s blog now and sign up for the most amazing giveaway there ever was: $100 LuLuLemon gift card. Yes it is true, I considered not sharing it because I am stingy and I want to win it, but in the end decided this awesome amazingness really could not be withheld and the world needs to know (kidding!). So go now, and enter to win that bad boy!****


  • Do you ever use kettle bells in your workout?
    I never did before this training but I really love them now!
  • Do you like Subway? What do you get there?
    Okay, I worked at Subway forever (3 years) a while back. Yes, I was a sandwich artist. And I miss making my own sandwiches exactly how I wanted them (i.e. extra cheesy!)
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  1. awww girl…hopefully weds will be MUCH better to you…i had a pretty stressful day at work yesterday too so i feel your pain 😦 workouts always make me feel better! as does drinking wine straight out of the bottle 😉

    ive used kettle bells before and I love them! the first time i used them, i could barely walk the next day, so i def knew they were doing something right, haha

    im not a huge fan of subway, but i do have it from time to time. i think its their bread that im not a huge fan of. it kind of tastes like i’m eating..air for some reason. i’m a weirdo. i love subs, but i like them from other places around here better.

    November 16, 2011
  2. lapiattini #

    I’ve used kettlebells a few times and man they are tough! I’m jealous of your TRX workout- my gym doesn’t have them and I’ve been wanting to try.
    Thanks for sharing about the giveaway- that is awesome!

    November 16, 2011
    • Aw of course! 🙂 I had read a little about trx straps before we tried them in class, mostly around blogs and thought they sounded cool but was thinking if I ever got a hold of them myself I probably wouldn’t really know what to do! Haha so I’m glad I have guidance, I need it haha

      November 16, 2011
  3. I used Kettleballs once and I couldn’t walk right for two days…. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich on Wheat with extra mustard – of course! You know, I don’t own anything Lululemon yet, and I’m kinda glad since their stuff is SO expensive 🙂

    November 16, 2011
    • I own one lululemon pull over and only because someone gave it to me as a gift, otherwise that is it because it is much to expensive for my budget haha. BUT it is crazy comfortable and their stuff has an amazing fit!

      November 16, 2011
  4. it’s so funny, i get the EXACT same thing at subway and everyone always makes fun of me for being ‘plain/simple’! hehe. 🙂

    i haven’t ever used kettleballs but i’ve heard lots of good things. i don’t know, i kinda certain i’d end up knocking myself out…i can barely manage running in a straight line, no coordination on this girl….hehe.

    November 17, 2011

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