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Lack of Cooking & Random Friday

FRIDAY. After this super fun week, I am excited for the weekend.

I am kickin’ the day off right with coffee (of course) and a delicious PB banana cinnamon sandwich with extra PB and extra thick banana slices this morning, because I was starving.

Im a little sad because Torrance’s mom was supposed to fly in tomorrow from FL and stay for 10 days but earlier this week we heard from her and something came up so she wasnt going to be able to come at all.

Then last night we heard from her again and she will be flying in Wednesday morning and staying until Saturday instead. I’m a little sad she wont be here longer, but still happy she is able to come up for Thanksgiving at all!


I will rush through yesterdays eats because they were uneventful (besides the birthday cake of course!)

As you probably guessed, I was anxious for cake all day. And finally. A plate of heaven landed on my desk.

Cake is my sweetness weakness but somehow I managed to just have one semi-smallish piece, and it was fabulous. I dunno why exactly there is frosting all up the fork ^^, I get a little wild when I eat cake I think.

My boss ordered us lunch from a Thai place down the road, I have never been a big fan of Thai but I love this place. I got some Thai noodles with mixed veggies (snow peas, mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli). I didnt snap a picture, because honestly, it is not very appetizing looking – but I assure you it was good.

As for dinner, well, I have been completely uneventful with cooking dinner this week all together (thus, the lack of dinner pictures). I dunno what it is but I havent felt like cooking lately which is completely weird for me. So last night… Torrance had leftover pizza, and I made some dippy eggs on toasted sandwich thin with cheese after my workout.

Onto the randoms!…


Random #1: Purse Disaster
Remember my new big purse I love? Well now I remember why I never had a big purse before. It is difficult to find anything, and you accumulate a lot of crap.

Yes that is a DVD in there. I would like to say I just threw it in there because Im going to return it today, but the true story is it has, for some reason, been in there all week. And dont judge me, doesnt everyone keep deodorant in their purse?

Random #2: Icantwaittoeatturkeyandthanksgivingstuff
I love Thanksgiving. I absolutely love it (okay, expect to see a post next week about my love for Thanksgiving). And Im thrilled for it. Plus, who doesnt love a short workweek? I am stuck working a little while next Friday because we have to be open (wah!) but luckily it will only be a partial day. I’ll take it.

Random #3: Ordering things online with gift wrapping….for yourself
Okay I order a lot of stuff online because I dont really like going shopping all the time. And I admit it feels like Christmas or my birthday when the stuff comes in, like a present to myself. Sometimes I even choose the “gift option” so they wrap it and then it feels really good. That is probably really weird, but who doesnt like opening presents?

Random #4: Grammar, punctuation, and the like
I like to consider myself somewhat grammatically correct. We all know I like to make up words…but that is different. I have also been known to have some run on sentences. Oh well. Also, when on the blog, it is most common for me to leave out apostrophes (‘), which honestly, is out of pure laziness and you guys get the point. Though if you are a grammar teacher/etc it might drive you crazy if you read my blog on a regular basis. And if you didnt (<— hehe) notice my lack of apostrophes then good for you!

There are a few grammar/pet peeves that I am weirdly particular about; like using the correct form of a word. Too (like also), to (going to), and two (the number). Also, your (possessive) and you’re (you are). Oh and lets not forget there (place), their (possessive), and they’re (they are).

Random #5: Discovery ID channel
If you are not familiar with this channel, it is a crime channel. True story crime shows like 48 hours, etc where they investigate real crimes, criminals etc. I watched this sometimes in Alaska, and I dont know if I only notice this because I live in NC now, but it seems that 70% of the shows and crimes they share, involve NC in some sort, like the person was from there, the crime happened here, or they fled here. It’s sorta weird.

Random #6: Puppies
I have been going crazy on pinterest lately pinning puppies, more specifically German Shorthaired Pointer puppies (same kind of dog Kona is). I love puppies. And as much as I want another one, I dont feel like going through the training and all that again right now. I feel that Kona is currently needy enough. Maybe someone will let me borrow their puppy for the weekend.

How could you resist that floppy little face? ^^

I think that this picture of my parent’s dog Ruger is still one of my all time favorite GSP or puppy pictures:

Action shot! He’s so cute (and almost 3 now!)

That wraps up THIS edition of Random Friday… if you want to read more go check out some other ramblings I had from the past weeks:

Have a marvelous Friday and good weekend!


  • Do you like watching real crime shows?
  • Do you have any grammar/spelling pet peeves?
  • Do you no purse, a big purse, or a small purse?
4 Comments Post a comment
  1. I used to be a small purse person, until I discovered just how much I could carry in a big purse. I will NEVER be able to go back to using a small purse again now.

    November 18, 2011
  2. Um, story of my life with the purse. I feel like I spend at least half an hour a day digging through my purse looking for stuff. I do love a good big purse though! I have a lot of stuff I want to carry around.
    I like to call those banana burgers 🙂

    November 19, 2011
  3. The next time I go out of town for work, I’ll let you keep my puppy! 🙂

    November 29, 2011

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