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Turkey Day Memories

Guess who went to Starbucks this morning?

Beeeecause, Torrance didnt leave me any coffee creamer at the house this morning.

And for breakfast, I had something a little different than my usual. I had my regular oatmeal with a sliced banana and frozen strawberries. (That is just ice crystals on the strawberries, not sugar).

We had a big group for training last night since training is only Mon, Tues, Wed this week due to Thanksgiving, so everyone is trying to cram in before they load up on turkey. I will be attending again tonight, since Torrance’s mom flies in tomorrow.

We focused mostly on upper body last night including some rows using the TRX straps, tricep extensions, cleans using the kettle bells, and a weird move with a shotput. My shoulders and arms are definitely feeling it today! He said we are doing mostly lower body stuff tonight, so that will hopefully even out nicely!


As it nears, it is time to talk Turkey Day.

I love the holidays, I am not sure if it is because I am from North Pole, AK where it is Christmas all year long, or if it has something to do with the fact that we always went ALL out for holidays and I have extremely fond memories of holidays when I was younger.

Let’s reminisce shall we?

Okay not that far back. But yes that is yours truly (check out the Cabbage Patch doll and way retro carpet…80’s babay!)

We always had amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas’. Since my parents owned a fine dining restaurant, they were always open on the holidays (for those who dont want to cook!) and so they always worked on the day, so we always celebrated the day after (usually). Which was kind of cool because I would get to spend the day usually at my best friends house or with Torrance’s family (for the last 7 years at least!) Kind of cool because that meant I got to celebrate the holiday x2.

^^That’s my “happy-to-eat-turkey-twice” expression, in case you were wondering what it looks like.

Since it was usually just my parents and I (unlike normal people, when you live in Alaska, it is inconvenient for your extended family to travel to you, or vice versa), the day after Thanksgiving is usually when we celebrated and we would have pretty much all my parents friends and everything over and all the employees from the restaurant that also didnt have a lot of family in town. Usually 30+ people, and of course all of us kids.

Needless to say, our holidays included absolutely ridiculous amounts of food and my dad would always clear a nice spot on the river in front of our house and overflow it so it was nice and smooth and all the kids could ice skate (assuming it was not 35 below, which happened quite a bit) and we would put up lights around the ice rink, and then afterwards hang out in my parents big sauna. It was always an absolute blast.

Christmas was spent very similarly. We would do the typical presents in the morning and then have a flood of people over at our house later in the day. As you can probably tell our house was used as an entertainment point a lot. I think just because it was a cool winter locale and my parents entire house is pretty much kitchen (including a big Tuscan style pizza oven) so it was optimal for a lot of cooking and food.

Their Tuscan oven in all its glory!

My mom always went all out decorating for Xmas and we always had a REAL tree that my dad cut down in the woods behind our house and we always made a huge thing out of decorating the tree – Xmas music, cookies, and tons of ornaments.

We always had the most amazing spread of food. My mom did a huge array of cheeses and gourmet crackers…. Brie, Gouda, fresh mozzarella, etc along with a huge veggie tray that included a lot of fancy peppers, olives, and the like. Needless to say, a lot of their friends were foodies too and they all got together to appreciate it and nice wine.

And I wonder why I love food so much…and why food is such a focal point of entertaining in my world….

I always loved doing Thanksgiving and Christmas with Torrance’s family too because they are very, very American traditional. Being that we are Italian and my parents are chefs, we always have “weird” stuff for holidays. Fish dishes on Christmas, along with Cornish game hens. We always had turkey on Thanksgiving but a lot of times would also have duck with a mango glaze… (and rabbit on Easter, but that is a disfunctional story for another time). I of course never knew that was “weird” to not eat stuffing and green bean casserole until I got a little older and experienced a traditional Thanksgiving firsthand through friends.


Since I just wrote you a novel about Thanksgiving (obviously I could talk about it forever!) I will cut it short and just let you know that this year we are spending it at Torrance’s aunt and uncles with some of his aunts family that lives right here and then his mom and grandma who are of course coming up from FL. It should be loads of fun and I am on dessert duty! I will be baking some beautiful pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and BUYING an apple pie.

Yes, I said it. But I have never baked a pie from scratch and I dont want to mess up Thanksgiving pie!!

  • Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? if you are responsible for one (or a few) items what are you in charge of?
  • What is one of your favorite childhood holiday memories/traditions?

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