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First Xmas Present & Kona’s Dream Come True

I will make this one short and sweet today because I have a busy day ahead of me! I am stuck working all day (I get off an hour early at least) and then will be rushing around to see Torrance’s mom and grandma (they fly in in about an hour and his aunt is picking them up since we are all working!)

Then I have some baking to do tonight for tomorrows festivities. (I’m making some pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting for dessert!)

We did get our first Christmas present wrapped though.

That is Torrance’s awesome wrapping job by the way. He is amazing at wrapping presents and he makes fun of me because you can always tell which ones I wrapped under the tree because, well, I just dont have patience and they are usually sloppy and the I use a big beautiful bow to try to cover it up.

We wrapped that one because it is for Torrance’s mom and we are going to give it to her tonight probably since we most likely wont see her at Christmas time I absolutely cant wait to give it to her because I think she is going to love it!

I will share what it is tomorrow 😉


I did go work out last night, and it was a doozy (<—- yes, I really just said that). I am really sore, but in a good way.

Our work outs usually involve an array of things but this one was strictly focusing on lower body. We also did FIVE rounds instead of the usual 3-4. A couple moves that made me say “ow” included jumping jacks holding the giant ropes (ew, dislike jumping jacks in general), a bridge that you hold the entire station time (yeah the kind from middle school), sled pushing (ew again) and fast lunges using slider discs on our feet holding onto bars.

I understand it may be hard to picture some of those, but I assure you it was quite….lovely. Well, sweaty at least.

My ankle was giving me problems very randomly so he ended up pushing some knots out of my calf after class. It hurt ridiculously (like when he adjusted my hip!) but afterwards it felt weirdly relieving.

I came home to find Torrance dying of hunger and he wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays. I know you probably think this is our favorite restaurant because we always go there, but I assure you it is not and it just happens to be weirdly convenient…and I love their salad bar (I may have mentioned that 100 times).

And I got my usual steak and shrimp! As usual my eyes were much larger than my stomach.

We headed home and tended to the brown dog and headed to bed.

We were moving her food bin around which then led to the happiest day of her life…

I’m pretty sure that is her life long dream.

Ciao for now, I will be making an appearance tomorrow (most likely later in the day) to tell you about all the food I stuffed my face with.

  • Are you good at wrapping presents? Do you like to wrap presents?
    I am always good at the first present I wrap and then I get too inpatient.
  • What is your favorite part (food) of the Thanksgiving feast?
    Honestly I love cranberry sauce and turkey. And I also love stuffing 🙂

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  1. lapiattini #

    Haha I’m such a dork but I LOVE wrapping presents! I’m pretty darn good at it 😉
    I can’t wait to see what you got his mom- I’m stuck on what to get my mother-in-law so maybe I’ll get some inspiration. Or you can email me cause I’m so impatient and can’t wait to see hahaha!

    November 23, 2011
  2. I love wrapping presents! I try to make it look really professional, but I’ll usually end up messing up a part of it haha.
    I love turkey and sweet potatoes! Canadian thanksgiving already passed though 😦

    November 23, 2011
  3. STUFFING! Stuffing stuffing stuffing, I love stuffing. And mashed potatoes. And tons of gravy on the mashed potatoes and stuffing. I wish it was Thanksgiving for me tomorrow 😦

    And I am definitely the present wrapper in my family. My boyfriend is the worst wrapper of all time. I’d even say that to his face.

    November 23, 2011

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