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“I’m With Stupid”

The picture I am about to show you is shameful. So shameful in fact, that it may make your grandma flinch.

That is my closet floor. And that is a lot of laundry. And that is only 1/3 of all the laundry. I hate laundry on the floor but there really is no where else to put it when you already have six three laundry baskets full. On top of that I overslept a little today and was in a rush to find an outfit…which it has been pretty slim pickins’ this week anyway due to that mess.

Dont worry I am not wearing anything too embarrassing. But I need to get on the laundry wagon stat or I will be whippin out the clothes I keep in the back of the closet (trust me, not pretty)….

Last night I did make it to group training and it was fabulous. It was weirdly, again, just a smaller group of girls which was fun. We did a lot of core and ab training last night which was good as always. We did a weird half sit-up thing with an ab twist on a balance ball, squats with kettle bells, jump tucks with TRX straps, box jumps (<— hate!) and a really awkward feeling arm movement with resistance bands.

I know that you guys always come back to the blog and love reading it for my awesome descriptions of my work outs….


I have about 35 minutes usually between the time I get home from work (assuming I go straight home at 5:30) and the time I leave to head to training. Usually I am rushing around changing, letting the dog out, and sometimes prepping dinner.

Torr is usually starving and down in his tool truck when I leave for class so sometimes I bring him a snack or make him one before I leave for training since we dont eat dinner until late. Last night, I randomly made his most favorite appetizer (I never make these).

How nice am I? It’s the little things that count right?

Dont worry, we didnt survive on 3 deviled eggs for dinner, when I got home I heated up a little roast I had left over in the fridge, a baked potato, and salad with all the deliciousness on it. There is no picture because I ate it in a flasssssh!

I did take a picture of lunch though. It was so marvelous how could I not? Since I was so sad about not having any left over turkey from Thanksgiving (major sad face), when I went grocery shopping I bought a roasted turkey breast from the deli (it was in the with the rotisserie chickens they sell). We ate most of it Sunday for dinner BUT I made a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich for lunch and it made my day.

Off to work! I may brave the massive laundry mess tonight and just go to training again tomorrow instead. We will see how that goes…Do you think there is a way to teach Kona to do laundry?

  • What is your favorite appetizer-like snack?
    Mine is Bruschetta!
  • What is one of your classic “back of the closet” shirts?
    I got rid of a lot of them when we moved but I have a pretty awesome ACDC rhinestone shirt ‘back’ there.

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  1. I totally agree Bruschetta is GREAT… Not sure if it’s my favorite though.

    November 30, 2011
  2. oh dont worry…my laundry piles can get pretty shameful as well…and with working out so much, i have tons of laundry weekly, fun!

    i love deviled eggs but I tend to only eat them in the summer. i’m trying to convince Kevin that wings can serve as an appetizer like snack 🙂

    November 30, 2011

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