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Head Cold & Randomness Friday

I woke up this morning with a head cold. Major bummer… I still made it to work though (meds and tea in hand!) At least me being sick is a good excuse why I look silly today because I am wearing another back of the closet outfit.

Whenever I’m sick my appetite is iffy, so I wasnt sure what I wanted for breakfast. Something hot, and not sweet (I was craving salty) – so an egg, turkey, and cheese sammich did the trick.

Last night at training was one of the hardest ones I have had, I am not sure if it is because my cold was sneaking up on me or what. A couple of others in training last night agreed it was definitely one of the harder “mixes” though. By the end I actually felt like I was going to throw up!

We did a lot with resistance bands last night. I never really liked resistance bands that much but I guess I just wasnt using them right because I always love them whenever he gives us a station with them. We did crazy eights with the kettle bell last night, fly’s with resistance bands, fast rows with the resistance bands, and push ups (ew). I think it may have felt extra hard too because we did THREE rounds of 1 minute at each station and then the last round we did 20 seconds per station. Whenever we do more than one consecutive round of 1 minute stations I groan a little, even though I know its good for me!

Overall, I left feeling completely dominated and went home and collapsed on the couch. Torrance ate some random stuff so I just had some tomato soup and a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. The sandwich was excellent, I put a little cheddar and mozzarella on it.

Shortly after that I laid down and then started to feel the sore throat coming… I was up a lot of the night sniffling and coughing. I am always worried I will wake Torrance up and a lot of times end up out on the couch because I hate tossing and turning!

Once I even rolled over to see brown dog sound asleep… on my pillow.


Time for my random thoughts from the week!

Random #1: Pandora Christmas Music
All week long baby. And there’s more where that came from. I will rock it until December 26th. It makes my work day 4357893485 times better.

Random #2: Pet names
Not the gross kind that couples give each other (barf) but the actual dog and cat kind. Here are some of the worst I have heard: Bundy, Worms, Stain, Meatpie, Dog, and my least favorite of them all: Herpes. So sad. When we first got Kona it was a huge dilemma of what to name her and we called her “Puppy” for 2 weeks. I really wanted to name her Godiva. Like Godiva Chocolates, but Torrance pointed out that sounds to prissy and is too hard to yell when she is being bad. True.

We ended up, of course naming her Kona, which come to find out a few weeks later, the lady I got her from came by my work to see how she was doing and when I told her what I named her she couldnt believe it because apparently that was Kona’s moms name too. Geesh.

Random #3: Gingerbread
Do you guys make gingerbread houses at Christmas? I never have, but it would be fun. Mine would probably look like this.


What made me think of this, is that my coworker brought in these awesome Pepperidge Farm Gingerbread man cookies yesterday. They were really good, thin, and crispy (and cute w/ sprinkles!)

 I obviously had a super productive day at work yesterday.

Random #4: Xmas with no snow
I have never had one before, it still weirds me out a little when I am in a sweater and boots and drinking hot chocolate at my desk (listening to Xmas music!) and when I look out the window it is sunny and looks like summer (even though its a little chilly). Weird.

Random #5: Vegetables
I need to incorporate more vegetables. I eat quite a bit of fruit. I think I mostly just eat vegetables with dinner and sometimes with lunch but I feel like I need more and I may need to get creative.

Random 6: Dogs dont like hot sauce
Last night, Torrance was snacking on some wings and Kona was begging like crazy. So he put a little hot sauce on his finger to maybe scare her away. It kind of worked. He went to offer it to her and she smelled it, was about to lick it and then backed off and showed her teeth and started barking at it like crazy. Apparently she was not a fan.

She still continued to beg.


  • Are you used to a white Christmas, or no?
  • What is your favorite vegetable?
    I love steamed broccoli or asparagus!
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  1. that story about Kona and the hotsauce cracked me up…nacho has an irrational fear of popcorn..whenever we try to give him a piece he drops it on the ground and barks at it in confusion. 😉

    you arent alone in the gingerbread house department. i love baking but i totally suck at that. i also suck at making cute gingerbread men 😦

    i’m def used to a white christmas…the weather has been kinda crazy in NJ recently but now its getting chillier and feels alot more winterish.

    i’m the same with favorite vegetable…broccoli, asparagus, and SPINACH! yum 🙂

    December 2, 2011
    • Oh yum! Spinach! I am sorta weird about cooked spinach though, it has to be mixed in with other stuff (texture thing).
      Haha popcorn?! what a funny thing probably because it sticks to his tongue and weirds him out!

      December 2, 2011
  2. Kona is awesome. And our poor puppy’s name was “mudd” when we rescued him. Mudd!! Now of course it’s Mac, which is much less offensive.
    Have a great weekend!

    December 2, 2011
  3. ANDREA, we had the regular BORGIN repetitive fairbanks xmas station on, and we got so bored, i had to plug my IPHONE ( i know what a sacrafice!!) but i plugged it in and now we are ROCKING to pandora POP & R&B station!! haha the hot sauce thing cracked me up!, when dogs are confused about something they get so defensive, haha and as for the veggitables, what i like to do, is season them with like steak or poultry seasoning ( i like the prime rid seasoning for ak executive chef) it makes everything bearable and almost, dare i say DELICOUS!? haha but seriously it helps with boring salads too, on raw veggies, like salads i use like abeer can chicken seasoning, and it works amazingly 😀

    December 2, 2011
    • Um it is ok because i always type fast and always have typos. i forgive you.
      AND the seasoning sounds like a fantastic idea. i am going to try some roasted cauliflower at some point too.
      OMG you know what else would be good is marinating some veggies in like a balsamic, lemon garlic, or steakhouse liquid marinade! mmmm

      December 2, 2011
  4. and i just realized, i shouldn’t type so fast, i cant spell worth a darn if i type to fast haha

    December 2, 2011
  5. Steamed carrots are the jam. I love all vegetables though. I like to stir fry them with a sesame thai salad dressing.
    I hope you feel better soon! Head colds are not fun :/
    I’m used to a white Christmas 🙂 I’m hoping for one this year!

    December 3, 2011

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