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November Recap

It is true, I woke up feeling like death. Well actually, I woke up every hour or so last night, even with meds. It was bound to happen at some point, I have gone quite a while without being sick!

I sluggishly made it through the workday yesterday…and yep, I snacked on some more gingerbread cookies.

If you cannot tell from my sub-par drawing skills, that is obviously me and Torrance.

Once I made it home, I I still managed to make dinner last night. For some reason I really felt like some stir-fry and just happened to have some rice noodles that I picked up last week for something different.

I cooked up a little chicken in some soy sauce, and also used a frozen vegetable mix I had that included water chestnuts, carrots, broccoli, and lima beans and I added some sautted mushrooms. The issue I always have with my stir fry(s) is the sauce. For this one I didnt go in with a plan, and sadly did not have a lot in the pantry to work with so I just used a little soy sauce, brown sugar and minced garlic. It was good but nearly “saucy” enough, but it still hit the spot.

I will have to experiment a little though.


Inspired by Brittany over at Itty Bits of Balance, (“inspired by” sounds so much better than “hijacking her ideas”) I have decided to do a little recap at the end of each month that includes a roundup of some of my favorite posts from the past month.

To kick things off, why not start now with November? 🙂


Torrance is out riding (his dirt bike) today so I went and picked up a few last things so we can get our Christmas tree tomorrow (a tree stand and some more lights for it!) and did a little cleaning. My burst of energy is gone so I’m going to plant myself on the couch, drink lots of fluids, and rest!

Have a fabulous Saturday.

  • Help me out a little, what do you use/do for your stir fry “sauce?”
  • What was your favorite thing about November?
    Mine was obviously Thanksgiving!

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    Hijacking, inspired, same thing 😉

    As far as the sauce dilemma, I go NUTS with soy sauce whenever making stir fry. Soy sauce and teriyaki sauce seem to do the trick

    December 3, 2011
  2. Haha, nice gingerbread pic.
    I am loving the wine with breakfast! I may have to do that tomorrow…
    I either use teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, or peanut sauce for my stir fry. Depends on what I’m feelin’.
    My favourite thing about November was the weather! Best November ever! So much beautiful sun.

    December 5, 2011

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