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(Another) Sick Day


I am taking a sick day from work today. Yep, this horrid cold is still sticking around.

Home base today! 

I am probably paying for yesterday when I didnt sit and rest all day. I was so set on getting a Christmas tree that I begged Torrance to chauffeur me to do it anyway. Luckily it was warm out yesterday (60!).

As much as I would have enjoyed going up to the mountains to have a tree cut at a tree farm, luckily in the 4 mile strip right around our house there are 6 places on the side of the road that tree farms “set up shop.” They cut a bunch of trees and bring them into town, for convenience I imagine. So we didnt have to go far…

We picked out a really nice 7 ft tree and headed home to set it up. As anxious as I was to decorate it I felt exhausted shortly after starting. So we got the lights on (red in the middle, white on the outside!) and star on. Also,  I wanted to try something different this year and picked up something I am calling swizel sticks (glittery swirly sticks you put in the tree) so I did get those put in at least.

Those were a GIGANTIC mess because when you pull them apart glitter goes everywhere. After we were done, it looked like Ke$ha had stopped by our apartment.

I also got a total of 4 ornaments put on before I decided I would finish later.

I was going to wait to post a picture when it was a finished product but something about a Christmas tree just makes me smile anyway. I have a feeling I will finish decorating it today since I will need something to do sitting around the house all. day. long.


Since I’m not a great source of entertainment today and I dont have any good workouts or fun eats to share from over the weekend since I mostly consumed soup; I will leave you with a link to this article on ‘Staying Healthy’ (in spirit of my sickness) from Women’s Health Magazine (my favorite!). It may be stuff that we have heard a lot on building a kick ass immune system (eating healthy, wash your hands) but I think it serves as a good reminder.

Now, I have some super important “sick” business to tend to….

Snuggling with a brown dog always makes me feel better. Oh and coffee and oatmeal this morning (feels so good on my throat!)

I plan to spend a lot of the day in bed resting and watching reruns, perusing online, drinking lots of tea, hopefully catching up on my book which I havent read in a while….and probably some Christmas tree decorating later 😉


  • How was your weekend?
  • What is comforting to you when you are sick?
    Tea, reruns, and a brown dog!

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  1. Hahaha… I definitely know about those swizzle stick thingies. I AM Ke$ha by the time I’m done with them.
    My weekend was great :D, even though I worked Fri/Sat, I went shopping on Sunday and it made up for it 100%.
    When I’m sick, it’s dog snuggling, Food Network and ice cream!

    December 5, 2011
  2. lapiattini #

    Awww hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see your decorated Christmas tree 🙂

    December 5, 2011

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