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Past My Bedtime

I had to type that title ^^ 4 times or so because it took me forever to figure out if it was PAST or PASSED. As silly as that sounds, it looked really weird and I was doubting myself.

I think I do that a lot, sometimes stuff just does not look right (I almost always spell “receipt” and “definitely” wrong. They look weird to me).

Anyway, last night I did not go to bed until almost 3.  I’m not really an early to bed type person anyway (and have always considered myself more of a night owl …. we all know I am definitely not a morning person) but that is the latest I have stayed up in a while, especially not doing much of anything really. Usually if I am up that late it involves drinking some sort of plans.

Nonetheless, it was spent watching TV, reading some more of my book (Bright Lights, Big Ass), and I also finished loading my dad’s iPod to mail off to him Monday.

Seriously, I know I am really wild and out of control ad must be tamed.


This morning I slept in until almost 10. Torrance was heading out the door to go riding so I made us some breakfast sandwiches so he could take his with him to go.

Turkey, egg, and cheese. PS – I assure you that I really do own dishes and I just happen to be eating it on a papertowel….um, just ‘cuz.

After that I had a good burst of energy so I headed down to the apartment gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I havent run in a while so it felt really good, and I was pretty well on pace and not going too slow to my surprise.

I also managed to clean the house spik n span (do people still say that?) from top to bottom.

Oh, and got some quality time in with brown dog…

…And by quality time I obviously mean me bugging her for a change. She likes it…. (does anyone remember Elmira from Tiny Toons?)

I also got geared up for the baking escapade that will consume tomorrow.

And some point tomorrow I definitely need to go grocery shopping because my fridge and pantry seem so sad, I actually had Torrance bring home Subway for dinner because I didnt have the creativity in me to make something delicious out of what few things we did have in the fridge(shrimp, mustard, and strawberries…yeah, ew).

I’m off to make myself a cocktail and enjoy some relax time! No big plans around here tonight!

Have a fabulous Saturday!


  • What is a word or phrase that doesnt seem right to you?
  • Are you baking Christmas cookies this year? Did you do it already, or when do you plan to?
  • Sunday plans?


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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    I want to make cookies so bad, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and find a recipe that I really want to make! Perhaps tomorrow 🙂

    December 10, 2011

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