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I Put The Lime In the Coconut…

…this title and picture has absolutely no relevance to anything at all. I was just going through old pictures and reminiscing. That is a pic of me drinking out of a coconut at my parents place in Belize last year by the way. I will have to make a post sometime to share the fun times in Belize because I think you guys would really enjoy the pictures. It would be full of fun pictures like me kissing a fish, in a casino, and in a cave. Not all at once obviously. Ah the memories.


In other (relevant-to-the-blog) news, training last night kicked my ass. I felt all mushy and uncoordinated after a week of no physical activity. Bleck. He also lectured advised me (again) that I need to majorly clean up my eating. Wine and Christmas cookies apparently are not ideal if one wants to be less mushy.

I think that I finally need to take his advice and crack down on my eating, I know this – as I even acknowledged it in my goals list last week. Something tells me he really does know what he is doing, so I should probably just listen to him 😉

My legs are supa dupa sore. We did a lot of squat variation last night along with wall sits (and stomping our feet while in wall sit position), laying hamstring curls using a resistance band that looked similar to this, except he made us hold ourselves up in a plank position while curling.

We also did walking lunges (forward and backward) and using the TRX strap we would do a lunge and then push ourselves up using our arms. It was a really good workout, as usual! We also did something a little different, where rather than doing a circuit, we had our 11 stations and but we stayed at each station and did 5 sets at once. We would do 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off (5 times). and then at the end did a last lap of 1 minute each. The minute each at the end KILLED me!

When I went home, I was wiped out and went right to bed pretty much.

This morning I woke up extra early to drop one last thing off at the post office first thing when they opened. And I am currently enjoying a gigantic coffee and delicious oatmeal with strawberries and bananas!

Gotta run, have lots to do today!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  • Do you ever train with resistance bands?
  • What is a general rule you follow for good eating habits (e.g. lots of protein, low fat, balanced, whole foods, etc)?
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  1. I have never trained with resistance bands myself, but I have heard that the TRX stuff can be killer (in a good way). I’m thinking about getting a personal trainer myself to help me out with building muscle since I’m totally incompetent in that department.

    December 13, 2011
    • yeah i found this guy as a total fluke, he does group training too (usually groups/classes) of about 10 ppl or less at first it seemed weird but i absolutely LOVE it now. it is def more expensive than a gym but less than a one on one personal trainer! it def makes me feel obligated to go though, which is just what i need!

      December 13, 2011

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