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Dinner Smorgasbord & Details About My Training

Good morning!

It is a PB and banana sandwich type of morning.


Dinner last night was definitely a smorgasbord.

Torrance was not feeling well at all, so he got soup for dinner. Soup did sound good to me, but sadly we didnt have much of it (or at least not in the variety I prefer) around the house.

When I am making dinner for just myself and not both of us, I dont usually get too sad about it because I have more freedom. Torrance is a meat and potatoes kind of guy so when I try anything a little out of the ordinary, he calls it weird (like the spaghetti squash).

So, I did consider having cereal, but since I am trying to be balanced and all that fun stuff, I went back and forth between the fridge and pantry multiple times to see what I was craving. I really wanted cheese and crackers. Then I snacked on some hummus. Then I realized I needed some sort of veggies. My dinner ended up looking like this:

On that plate of deliciousness is: multigrain pita chips, garlic humus, mozzarella cheese, a mini salad with lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers and balsamic vinegar, and grapes.

Notice the strategic placing of all the foods? Cheese can go by the salad and humus, because it tastes ok with either if it happens to touch. And the grapes wont rub off on the pita chips or salad.

Yes I realize that sounded ridiculous.


Prepare for all the info I am about to send your way!….

I have had a couple emails and comments throughout the last month or so in regards to my training program and a few more details of what all it includes.

I gave a quick synopsis of what the training was before I started the program in this post, which was a few months back. But now that I am into it a little ways I can give some more input on it as well as share some more specific details on how I like it and progress.

So our trainer started out doing personal training and conditioning for athletes (high school and college mostly, and even some olympic qualifying type stuff) and then he evolved into doing more group training for the everyday type people.

He has a studio/gym that is not really like a traditional gym because he uses it just for his training, so there is a lot non-traditional equipment, a lot of weights, balance balls, resistance bands, kettle bells, TRX straps, ropes, rocks, and tons of other weird type of equipment. There are a few weight machines which he said he uses those more on the one-on-one level rather than the group.

So unlike a regular gym, you cant just go there and work out whenever. Which when I first talked to him, sounded sort of weird to me, but now I definitely understand what he meant.

He has the group training (which is what I do) set up in more of a “class” structure. You have the choice of going anytime Monday-Friday at 5:30pm or 6:30pm (they last an hour).

I always show up about 10 minutes early because we do a little warmup before hand and then since it is a circuit structure, he runs through each station and demonstrates how to do the moves.

Moves always vary, we rarely do the same exercise twice so this is completely awesome if you get bored with workouts. It also varies how we do the circuit – for example some sessions look like this:

10 stations, first round we would do 45 seconds at each station, 10 second break in between each, and then after one round take a water break. Then another round at 1 minute per station, with a water break at the end, and then a 3rd round at 30 seconds per station.

Last night, we stayed at each station for 2 sets. We did a 30 second set at a station, then a 10 second break, and then another 30 second set and then 10 sec break and onto the next station and we repeated that for 2 rounds. I love that it is always changing and you really never know what to expect when you go in there.

The size of the group varies too, and being that I always go to the 6:30 one I usually see the same people, which is kind of nice! And there are always new people joining!

Most people consistently go on the same days, which lately is seems like I go on kind of random days depending on what I have going on at the time.

Usually the group ranges from 6-10 people, but I have had times where it is just 3 or 4. Which, even though it is a group environment, he does an awesome job working one-on-one still. He really watches you and makes sure you are doing moves right and pushes you when you are fading!


Now we can talk the specifics to me. On my first day of training, he did an assessment, which included him taking my measurements: Neck, arms, chest, waste, hips, thighs, calves, and of course – weight. We then talked about my goals and what it was I was wanting to achieve.

This one is tricky for me because I am not necessarily a weight person. Maybe I should be, and I know that I for sure want/need to drop 20 lbs. Weight is just so tricky for me because it seems it is constantly teetering/fluctuating within a 5 lb area, so unless I was to lose over 5 lbs, it wouldnt mean much. Like when people say they have a 3 lb loss, I cant be happy about it because it will change quickly, just how my body is.

I told him I did want to see 20 lbs come off and my overall goal is to improve my fitness because I feel very “mushy” and out of shape overall which I dont like. He assured me that in 6 weeks we would retake my measurements and weight again.

The day before Thanksgiving, it was time. I didnt feel like I had been eating well so I didnt have big expectations of how it would go but to my pleasant surprise I had lost a total of 5 1/2 inches total and…. 3 whopping lbs. Which after the 3 whopping lbs is when he really got serious with talking about the nutrition plan with me.

His “nutrition plan” is pretty simple and straight forward. Balanced. Lots of veggies and fibrous fruit, a ton of water, low sugar, protein, good carbs, as natural as possible, and not a lot of processed crap. I have been staying on track with that, I just need to work on my portions (i.e. not eating so much). Every Friday I email him what I have eaten for the week and he tells me what I need to work on (eat more protein, more water, etc)

I also notice a significant difference in my arms and shoulders as far as muscle tone – which I am really loving! And like I mentioned before, since I have been doing training about 3x a week, I think I am going to add back in some cardio on the weekends and in between days. There has been some talk of him adding in sessions on the weekends as well, which would be awesome so I could get a good 4 days in with him.

Overall here are the things I like most about the training:

  • He is an awesome trainer! He makes it so fun, pushes you, and is extremely knowledgeable.
  • He is also has a lot of physical therapy training. Which , he does a lot of “adjustments” for people when there is pain. I have some pain in my hip sometimes which he offers to help with when I need it and it helps immensely. He has also helped me with some lower back pain, and neck pain one time.
  • It is an awesome variety. Different moves, different equipment, etc. He keeps it fun.
  • With all the people he works with, he is good at remembering your specifics. He knows I have trouble with squats and helps me with them, and he knows I have hip pain, and he somehow remembers if I have been eating bad or good.
  • He is very organized and structured. He also does a good job of being sure you get a full body workout each session.
  • The “scheduled” training keeps me on track. I cant put it off and I feel obligated to go.
  • I always leave feeling wiped out and like I got a completely amazing workout. Never once have I left feeling like the workout was just “so-so.”


There you have it! An update. I will try to keep you guys a little more in the loop as far as my personal progress. My next measurements will be right at the beginning of January and I am hoping for a little more progress this time since I have been keeping my eating on track better!

If you have more questions though, feel free to contact me! 🙂

I am off to get some work done. I have a 30 minute massage scheduled this afternoon because I have a serious kink in my neck from the way I slept, so I am hoping they can get the knots out!


Now I want to hear about some of your guys’ fitness goals and endeavors:

  • Have you ever followed a training program?
  • Is weight one of your health goals? or are your current fitness goals more focused on toning, endurance, etc?
  • Do you prefer cardio or strength training – which area do you struggle with more?
  • Do you follow a “nutrition plan” or have specific eating habits or dietary needs?
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  1. that plate looks like absolute deliciousness to me!! its a combination of some of my favorite things 🙂

    your training plan also sounds awesome, i am always so focused on running and cardio that I tend to slack off in weight/resistance training, it always sounds like you get a great workout with your program…i’ve never following a training program myself to be honest, i’ve always just kind of went with the flow.

    Weight obviously used to be the main focus of my health goals…I always keep it in the back of my head that i’d LIKE to lose more weight but i’m just not sure if its in the cards…I know that if I cleaned up my eating I could prob drop a few lbs easily but I’m not sure i’m willing to do that quite yet. I’m really active and I’m focusing more on endurance lately since I’ve been working on a strong running base to get ready for marathon training (keeping solid at 40 miles a week)

    i dont follow a nutrition plan as of now, to be honest I still feel a little traumatized from my restricting days and I struggle with trying not to restrict myself nowadays…I dont really want to trigger my disordered eating ways, so I just try to keep as balanced as possible 🙂
    (which is always easier said then done right?)

    December 15, 2011
    • yes it definitely is easier said than done!
      And I think you are right though to focus on other things now, you have dropped a lot of weight and gone through a big change and it is awesome how active and in love with running you are now! (Im jealous, i wish i could love running!! haha)
      Before i started the training program i was good about going to the gym but I dont think i pushed myself as much because there wasnt someone holding me accountable. And I used to love cardio more than strength training and the tables have definitely turned! so crazy! but I for sure want to incorporate more cardio in the next few months which I think will help me lose a little too!

      December 15, 2011
  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    This sounds like a great training program, and I love that nutritional advice is provided as well.

    My current goal is focused more on toning than it is weight loss, so I’ve been trying to modify my diet as such (a tad more protein than usual, but not TOO much more). I finally reached my goal weight in June, so I’d love to keep it around if possible

    December 15, 2011
  3. Wow. That sounds like a n awesome setup with the trainer. I mostly workout on my own and do group fitness, but I do have a free 1-on-1 with a personal trainer coming up. So I’m looking forward to that!!!!

    December 16, 2011
    • awesome!! They will try to get you hooked and sign up!! Free anything is fabulous though, take advantage of that!

      December 16, 2011
  4. Thanks for the info on your progress! 5 inches is awesome! I really need to do more strength training. Sigh…

    December 19, 2011
    • I used to dislike strength training and prefer cardio but it seems like now I really love strength training, I guess because it is more of a variety!

      December 19, 2011
  5. That programs looks a lot like the one I used to go to before I moved. Miss it!

    February 28, 2013

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