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“The Incident” & Random Friday

Whew, we made it to Friday!

Sadly, I did not make it to training last night. I had all intentions to and then, what I am going to refer to as “the incident” (see random #1), happened and there was no way I was going to make it in time.

I also didnt really eat dinner either because I was preoccupied, so I woke up majorly hungry! A big fat egg sammich was what I was craving. And I also downed lots of juicy grapes!

And did get my massage yesterday afternoon though, which helped my neck greatly. It was a different massage than most that I have since I went in there with a purpose (neck pain) so we chatted while she worked on my neck and she told me some tricks I can do, etc which was really nice.


Random #1: Embarrassing moment of my life #967
What is worse than hitting a parked car?

Hitting a parked car in the parking lot of your work…

When you work for an insurance company.

Let me back up. I drive a truck (as I have mentioned). It is a little bit older, a little bit bigger, lifted, nice truck. I am used to it, because I have been driving it for a while. At my office we share our parking lot with a couple other businesses, so our parking lot is typically pretty full. I always park in the same spot. The other businesses that share our parking lot close earlier than us, so we are usually the last ones there.

Keep in mind I am a good driver. Not being sarcastic either, I’m actually serious. I am a master of snow and ice driving, I’m cautious, defensive, and follow the unspoken rules of the road (as in, I keep pace with other drivers and dont drive 40 in a frickin 60) and I dont suddenly go 30 and swerve when I am on my cell phone. And honestly, I dont text and drive.

Well, last night after I walk out to my truck, get in, back out as usual and cut to turn, I hit something… I of course assume it is a curb which is right near me and I typically cant always clear it all the way since it is close and my truck is long. No biggy.

Nope, when I look there is a CAR there. A CAR. In my way, how dare it. Kidding. I did not see it whatsoever, and not even walking out to my car did I see it since it was on the other side of my truck.

I of course got out to look at the damage. My nice huge metal bumper scraped down the side of their nice shiny new Camry. Lovely.

Since there is absolutely NO ONE in site, I wait for a few and have no idea what this car is because all the businesses are closed. So I finally just left a note with my number and went home. I got a call about 40 minutes later from the guy (who has a really cool name by the way, but I wont share) and luckily he was an extremely nice guy. He is probably just really happy I left a note and didnt just take off.

Kelly, my fellow insurance worker, I know you are reading this and probably laughing your ass off right now.

Let me tell you, it sure is different calling in a claim from the “other end.”

Random #2: Awesome new cell phone
This guy that moved to LA from Ohio got a new cell phone for his new LA life. And he just happened to get this guys old number….

Yep, that is Nick Swardson. He works with Adam Sandler a lot. He is in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (Jessica Beil’s flamboyant bro). Also in Just Go With It, Grandma’s Boy, and a lot of other stuff.

Anyway I guess this random Joe Smo from Ohio who had just moved to LA ended up with his ^^ old cell phone number and got calls and texts from a bunch of celebs and even crashed some parties (good thinkin!) and finally figured out who’s number he had after a convo with Adam Sandler. Pretty interesting huh? You can read the story here (it is pretty entertaining!)

Kinda goes along with the other story about how Charlie Sheen tweeted his cell number and got a flood of calls and texts from all his Twitter followers and had to have his phone shut off . All because he thought he was sending his number privately to Justin Beiber. What I want to know is… I wonder why Charlie Sheen was trying to get in touch with the Biebs? Maybe Charlie was looking for life advice?

Random #3: Soda
I dont drink soda, but every once in a while I really crave some fizzy goodness so I will have a Sprite Zero. It is like my naughty little secret. And now you know.

Random #4: List making
I love making lists yes, and I always jot down a quick list before heading to the store after work for a few things. I know that there are 3489742 list making apps, which I have on on my phone, but I always happen to jot it down anyway. And then I throw it in my purse, and lose it in the abyss. So why not just take a picture of my list on my phone?

That obviously seems to make the most sense, right?

(PS. dont mind my amazing handwriting).

Random #5: Christmas cookies
Is it weird that even though I had a baking marathon last weekend, I still want to bake more Xmas cookies? Maybe I will do some small batches this weekend, just for fun!


Just a short one today!

I would love to hear from some more of you on yesterdays post, in regards to your training and nutrition plans!

Have a great weekend, and try not to hit any cars when your finishing up the last of your Christmas shopping 😉

  • Have you ever hit anything/been involved in an accident that was your fault?
    Besides this, NO!
  • Do you still write down your shopping lists the “old-fashioned” way?
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  1. When I’m in an accident, it’s usually my fault – haha. But nothing major at all. 🙂

    I totally scrawl old-fashioned lists. I use my iPhone a lot too, but sometimes it’s just easier!

    December 16, 2011
  2. I backed my little Corolla into a truck in a parking lot years and years ago. It hurt my car and not the truck, but I was paranoid about it forever! PS: Love the take a picture of your list trick. I make handwritten lists at school and feel too hypocritical yelling at students for being on their phone and then taking mine out. But I always lose the list in my purse!

    December 16, 2011

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