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3 Day Weekend Comin’ My Way

Only four days left until Christmas! Are you ready?

I am happy to report I got a pleasant surprise today. I get a 3 day weekend which I was not expecting! I am working on Friday (which I knew of course), but my boss just informed/reminded me that we are closed on Monday. Good news for me!


Last night I took the night off from training for a rest day and decided I felt like going out to dinner. Traffic was insane last night, I guess with all the last minute Christmas shopping and those going to check out the Christmas lights so we opted to stay close to home. Sadly we tried two restaurants that were completely packed so where did we end up?

Ruby Tuesday, of course.

I am always ok with this because I love their salad bar and croutons.

I also enjoyed a small sirloin steak which was fabulous, but I forgot to snap a pic before devouring it.

I assure you it was delicious! I also got their baked mac n cheese for a side. It was a HUGE order of it so I ate about a third of it and Torrance the human garbage disposal helped clean off the rest.

When we headed home I instantly changed into my pajamas and laid down because for some reason I was supa dupa tired. As I was dosing off, I caught this site out of the corner of my eye.

Aw BFF’s sitting at the edge of the bed watching TV.


This morning I woke up a little early and did random things around the house. I both hate, and love this. I get things done that I wont have to do tonight, but sometimes I would rather be sleeping.

And for breakfast? I am enjoying my usual oatmeal with sliced bananas and frozen strawberries.

Tonight I definitely plan on heading to training, and I will try to squeeze in again tomorrow, once last time before the holiday eating this weekend 🙂

Since I am cutting it short today I will leave you with this fun article from Women’s Health Magazine: 125 Best Packaged Foods it actually has some good ideas in there! We all try to stay away from packaged foods some, but at least it is a decent guide for things that are packed with nutrients rather than empty, over-processed calories.


  • Do you get any extra “days off” this week/weekend?
  • Do you buy a lot of pre-packaged foods?
    I still do buy some but I actually notice I dont buy nearly as much as I used to and I really try to pay attention to ingredients.
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  1. I notice that I still do buy pre-packaged foods especially microwave lunches because sometimes I just don’t have a chance to leave the office but I do try to pay attention to ingredients and nutrition. I am really trying not to buy anything with artificial sweeteners.

    December 21, 2011
    • Yeah, I feel like I am a lost cause to eat “all natural” and no packaged, etc. but it is good to know we can still make decent choices!

      December 21, 2011
  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    I’m pretty good with not buying pre-packaged foods, except when it comes to certain wheat-free products like corn chips or rice cakes. Oh, and if turkey bacon counts as packaged, I’m out of luck.

    December 21, 2011
  3. Since I work for a school district, last Friday was my last day for a while!! I don’t go back until January 3rd (yes, I’m bragging haha!). 🙂

    December 21, 2011
  4. I do freelance/independent contract work. If I stop reading blogs and finish my work, I won’t have to work til Monday!

    December 21, 2011

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