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I Can’t Wait….!

So far, it has been a (semi) relaxing day!

I started out with some Christmasy coffee….

And then we headed to Cracker Barrel for a delicious breakfast. It was packed but luckily their awesome gift shop kept us entertained while we waited for a table.

We both agreed we needed some of those giant coffee mugs. And doesnt Torrance look like he is absolutely thrilled? He loves when I make him pose in the store.

Also, we found something pretty awesome at the gift shop. They had a bunch of stuffed animals, and they actually had a stuffed German Shorthair Pointer toy (the breed Kona is) which is definitely a rare find. We had to get it.

She wasnt too sure what to think about it and didnt grab it like a normal toy. She even tried to sniff its butt in a normal dog manner.

Something else that made me smile?

I had a really good fuel reward that was getting ready to expire, it gave me an awesome 50 cents off per gallon! I had to take a picture because I dont remember the last time I “saw” $2.67 at a pump.


We are finishing up a few small Christmas details but are getting ready to head to Torrance’s uncles to celebrate Christmas with them tonight. We are cooking a nice dinner (grilling steaks!) and exchanging gifts with them tonight, and it should be a fun time!

I am getting excited for tomorrow, like a little kid. I am most excited about giving Torrance his present, I cant wait! 

Have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!


  • Are there any gifts you are particularly excited about giving this year?
  • How much is gas where you live?
    The usual (without fuel rewards) right now is around $3.16 a gallon.

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  1. I love giving the mosting to my nieces/nephews, but I’m excited for some board games we’re giving. We want to play them!! 🙂

    December 25, 2011

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