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Here We Are In 2012!

Happy New Year!

I disappeared for a little bit yesterday to get some stuff done, but here I am – back so soon!

Remember how we had planned on getting a washer and dryer this weekend? Well yesterday we discovered the place we were planning on going (a discount appliance place) is closed all weekend and tomorrow for the holiday. So….that is getting put off once again. Oh well.

I did however, finally invest in a good vacuum (super exciting, I know).

I have always been a Dyson person, but that is the Shark. And it is actually amazing (and half the price of the Dyson I had my eyes on). Seriously… if you are in the market for a new vacuum I highly recommend one of these. It works amazingly, and I like it over the last Dyson I had too, simply because it seems to just have better suction all together. (Average price is around $180 if you are wondering).

We managed to get Christmas taken down and put away – it is so nice to get things back to normal.

Ah, much better.

Luckily we actually got some decoration stuff for Christmas so that after all the Xmas stuff was put away it doesnt look completely empty in here again.

The new vacuum came in very handy after we took down our Christmas tree. Needles everywhere. And also all the way down the 3 flights of stairs outside to the truck. I had to be a nice neighbor and sweep all the needles down to the bottom of the stairs and into the grass at least! It was a huge mess.


Our New Year’s Eve plans got sort of kiboshed last night. We got all ready to go out to a place nearby that was having a band… and they turned us away because of our Alaska licenses/ID’s. No, we havent switched our licenses to NC yet. And every once in a while at a bar or restaurant the bartender or waiter will have to bring our ID’s to their manager to inspect – I am sure they probably dont see a lot of Alaska ID’s. I get it, we could be phony’s.

After being turned down for our plans, we went and ate dinner and headed home to have our own New Year celebration with some mixed drinks.

At our house, we dont usually watch the ball drop, but instead watch the Redbull No Limits show. Which, if you arent familiar features a ridiculous stunt of some sort (usually record-breaking) having to do with a dirtbike, car, or snowmobile jump. Can you guess who came up with this tradition?

Yes, Torrance of course.

Overall, the night ended up being a lot of fun!


Today, we were lazy most of today with a semi-hangover, not too bad though luckily. Kona had a semi-hangover as well… and surrounded herself with all of her toys to comfort herself.

And while everyone else was kicking off their new healthy habits today, I was baking chocolate chip cookies.

For Torrance of course! I used my super self-control and didnt eat any somehow.

Speaking of new year resolutions…. My list of goals for 2012 has come together nicely and I will share tomorrow 🙂

Have a great night, and happy New Year!


  • How did you celebrate last night and today?
  • When do you take down your Christmas stuff? Right after? New Year’s? Later?
    For me, typically the first week of January.
  • Do you say “two thousand twelve” or “twenty twelve?”
    Both, usually “two thousand twelve” for the most part.

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  1. Haha. I love your dog’s hangover. I can’t believe you get turned away for Alaskan id. That’s crazy!!!!! I’ve been home almost the whole long weekend, and it has been wonderful. I think we’re going to go out hiking tomorrow. Christmas lights are still up!! Better believe it!

    January 2, 2012

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