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Okay, Now I Feel Like It’s A New Year

Back to work today! Ah man! I am trying to be positive about it, ya know new year and all. It always takes a little extra effort and pep talk after a long weekend though. It is also a little chilly out this morning – coldest day we have had yet at a blustery (kidding) 15 degrees.

I somewhat have this weird feeling like today is the official kickoff of 2012 because I am back to work and routine, so I have this feeling of really needing to kick things up a notch.


Yesterday I did get my first run in of the year, and I did something ambitious for myself, I ran outside rather than on the treadmill. I also tried out the MapMyRun app on my phone to keep track of how long I ran for, my pace, distance, etc. Since I dont ever run outside this was new to me, and I liked it. Though it was nice and sunny, it was pretty windy and a bit chilly so I did wear a sweatshirt with a hood to keep my ears warm.

And Kona rocked a fur coat…lucky for her, brown is totally in right now.

I dont think she has been cold since we have been here. And of course the one time I am trying to pick up the pace she is extra curious and has to stop and sniff every pee spot from every dog. Luckily she got a harness for Christmas which makes it much easier to pull her along.

Even though I started the Couch to 5k program a couple of weeks ago, I decided just to start at week one again (we will chalk the first go around as an extra warm up 😉 ) being that we are at the beginning of the year, why not consider it a clean slate? So I did my minute and 30 seconds walking, and minute jogging. It went fairly smooth, and I am pretty sure brown dog enjoyed the extra pace rather than just my usual steady walk with her.

I ended with about 1.4 miles. Though running is a goal of mine this year, overall fitness is a more important goal for me and I want my main focus to be on making it to training 3x per week and I will work a running schedule around that. Running will definitely take place on the weekends since he currently only does training M-F (and I typically dont go to training Friday nights either).


Torrance had to work yesterday (ha!) but he ended up getting off early because most of his clients had the day off anyway. He got home right after I had took Kona on a run and I was scavenging the kitchen for lunch.

I decided on a toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato and a side of grapes.

I spent most of the day relaxing and when it was finally time for dinner, I felt like making something a little different. I had picked up some scallops at the grocery store per Torrance’s request – he is a scallop lover, I like them a little, in smaller doses (they are a little rich for me). Since I usually only eat a couple of them and they were a little smaller, I decided to cook up some little steaks I had to go with.

The scallops turned out really good, but the steaks… not so much – I just really prefer steaks done on a grill – and I did a seared and broiled version which was only so-so and I only ended up eating about half of mine.

Served with green beans, tomatoes, and cous cous.

The scallops were actually super easy to do, and they turned out great.

All I did was melt a little butter (I used an olive oil base butter) and minced garlic in the microwave. Then, dipped the scallops in the mixture and placed on a cookie sheet, topped with a little black pepper and bacon bits (the crunch is a nice texture change) and baked in a 450 degree oven for about 6 minutes and then another minute on broil.


I am off to get ready for work and make some breakfast!

I know you all are probably “recapped out” with all of the recaps of 2011, etc but I will be posting my December Recap later today, something I started last month to summarized some of the highlights on the blog of the prior month – you can view November’s here.

Have a great day!

  • Do you like scallops?
  • When were/or are you back to work or school?
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  1. I’m back today. I should probably be working now! Congrats on your run! I love C25K! I always suggest it to people. And it’s always wonderful to start anew!

    January 3, 2012

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