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My Dog Will Cut You.


Another beautiful PB and banana sandwich on the menu this morning!

I may have 4 cups of coffee this morning too because I feel a little groggy. My bed was just too comfortable this morning. Hopefully I wake up soon because I have tons to do today!

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, we are going on a little trip this weekend. I will be getting off work a little early tomorrow so we can drive down to Myrtle Beach with Torrance’s aunt and uncle. It is actually work related for the guys (they work for the same company) as their company puts on an event every 6 months or so for awards, new products, etc. They put on a really nice dinner and such Saturday night as well so it should be fun!

Since I couldnt get the day off work, they are basically waiting for me so I need to be pretty much ready ahead of time so we can leave right when I get off work – which means we still need to pack tonight and pick up a few things from the store.

We were really torn about what to do with Kona (since typically his aunt and uncle are the ones to take care of her for us!) but there is actually a veterinarian that lives in our apartment complex that (for a fee) will come walk, feed, play with Kona while we are gone, so she is coming over tonight to meet her.

I of course told Kona to be on her best behavior since she likes to bark nonstop so she seems intimidating when she first meets someone.

Anyway, somehow with that to-do list I am going to try to make it to training tonight. Speaking of which, I managed to get my run in last night. I was actually super pumped and motivated about it!

Kidding of course. (PS- not sure what the deal is with my hair… PSS (or is it PPS?) I am very skilled in the fact that I was posing, holding my camera, and my phone at the same time this is an incredible feat for me). Since it was quite chilly still I headed down to the apartment gym to run on the treadmill rather than outside. Our building is somewhat close to the “main building” where the gym, pool, office, etc is so it is not that far of a walk. And really, even from the far side of the complex, it isnt a far walk at all, yet I always see someone who lives in the building right next to mine drive down to the gym 🙂 I am sure there is a good reason for it… right? I digress, the run went well but I actually ended up running a little more and not pacing myself because I dont know what my problem is and I got all crazy and competitive. Yes on the treadmill. The other person (the “driver”) in there was running on the treadmill right next to me and everytime I would raise my speed on my minute of “jogging” she would look over at me and then raise her speed a little higher than mine like I was trying to out do her.

At first I thought it was a coincidence that she happened to kick it up a notch too when I did, but no it was like she was really trying to race me and I was starting to get irritated because I wanted to do my little C25K routine and be done, but I mean, it was like she was waiting for my next move so what was I supposed to do? (Dont answer that).

Needless to say, I was exhausted… and for the record, I felt like I won okay? Look lady, my dog will cut you.

It must be the competitive runner in me (definitely kidding).

After I was done with my walk/run/competition I actually did a few core moves on the stability ball after the “driver” left in tears from her defeat, just because I felt like I needed a little something else too.


When I walked back to the apartment I started dinner ASAP because someone was starving. I had a packaged veggie fried rice thing that I have been wanting to try, all you do is fry it in a pan for about 10 minutes. And for Torrance, I also made im a PF Chang’s Beef & Broccoli to go with the rice.

But for me, I needed veggies. So I threw one of these in the microwave to go with my rice.

Okay, and I stole 2 pieces of Torrance’s beef.

Weirdly enough, the black beans in the veggie mix actually went really well with the fried rice!


I am off to be productive! Have a fun-filled Thursday!

  • Are you a competitive person?
  • If you have a dog, do they bark/whine a lot?
    Kona barks when someone knocks or comes in the house and she sounds like a St Bernard and everyone is so scared but she is just loud. She also grunts, moans, and talks a lot in general.
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  1. I used to go to the gym and mentally race people. It sounds totally odd, but I got such a thrill out of “beating” whoever else was on the treadmill at the time.

    January 5, 2012
    • I guess I am semi guilty of that too haha. It is extra motivating, though this lady was definitely making it obvious that I was going down – HAHA kidding.

      January 5, 2012
  2. I’m really competitive too, and it is really motivating to push yourself in a competition.

    January 5, 2012
  3. hey girl, how are you? ive been keeping up with your blog but havent gotten a chance to comment since things have been crazyyyy but getting back into the swing of things 🙂

    hahaha, i get competitive when i’m running outside too and then someone passes me. i mentally shake my fist at them in my head (?!?!)

    nacho is a jerk, hes a complete yipper and i apologize profusely to anyone who crosses our paths during our chihuahuas are nutty.

    January 5, 2012
  4. Hahaa. I’m totally a silent but deadly treadmill competitor. I’ve even had my husband scope out how fast other gym members are running!!

    January 5, 2012
  5. Life's a Bowl #

    Haha wow, IDK what I would have done if I were you on the treadmill- probs look at her and say “bring it on”! You may not have been looking for any competition but she was happy to give it to ya 😛

    We just got a puppy on Tuesday and have been pleasantly surprised that he hardly barks, mostly when we’re playing and keeping the toy away from him… He whines for the first few minutes when we put him into his crate at night or when we leave but then he quickly stops 😀

    January 5, 2012
  6. I’ll dogsit Kona for you! 😀

    January 6, 2012
  7. Karen #

    Oh, I had a girl trying to “race” me on the treadmill recently. It made me want to kick her. But I guess y’all are right – I should have used it as a way to motivate myself to run faster and farther. Because it is a good source of motivation, I guess!

    January 6, 2012

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