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Random Friday…It’s because I’m Italian

Oh Friday already?  How convenient! I will have a jam packed morning and afternoon at the office and then I am out of here a little early to head down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend!

We ended up having such a hectic night last (and I still didnt really get everything done that I wanted to!) between packing and having the dog sitter over for a bit to meet Kona (which was tons of barking and scaredy dog-ness like I suspected) I didnt make it to training or even down to the gym to run!

I really dont know anything about the hotel or even area we will be staying at (since Torrance’s company and boss arranges all that) but I did pack up some workout gear just in case there is a gym or area to run around there.

I know we wont be doing much of this:

(another old Belize pic)

For one, people there will think we are crazy and know we are probably from Alaska because it is winter and I dont think anyone really “beaches it up” this time of year. And secondly, we will be pretty busy with his work event stuff – but hey, part of the day while the boys are doing work stuff that doesnt involve our accompaniment, us girls will be doing some shopping!


Okay, okay, random time! I have been waiting for this because I have had some very random stuff on my mind this week.

Random #1: “It’s because I’m Italian”
… what I say in response to/my excuse for the following things:

  • When my trainer asks why I eat so much pasta (he is limiting me to once a week…wah!).
  • When people tell me “shhh… you are talking really loud.”
  • When I knock over a wine glass because my hands got all crazy while telling a story.
  • When I started getting grey hairs at age 20.
  • When I drink 2 bottles of wine in one sitting.
  • When I push food on people and make them try it, and hit them on the hands with a wood spoon/spatual/other kitchen utensils if they start picking at it before it is ready to be served.
  • When I go to a gathering with 5 people and bring 6 different types of food like there will be 30 people attending instead of just 5.
  • When people look at me funny when I say “Capisce?” (pronounced “kuh-peesh” meaning “do you understand?”) when I am trying to get my point across, like I am on The Godfather or something.


Random #2: ‘2012 goals’ update
I successfully made it through my first week of the New Year with keeping on track with my goals. The only thing I am really lacking on is cleaning my truck to improve my organization…it will happen, soon.

Random #3: Photo ops
I am really horrible about taking pictures. I think this partly comes from the fact that I am very un-photogenic and spent a long time avoiding pictures of myself but I now realize that is dumb and just dont really care anymore (thus the picture of me as a man) I probably should add “take pictures of everything” to my list of goals. I will start with taking lots of pictures while we are at Myrtle Beach this weekend.

Random #4: GOOD music
I dont mean to bash my generation and all, but we have some pretty horrible music/artists. Haha, I mean really…. it is pretty bad. Even though amusing (exhibit 1: “The Bad Touch; Exhibit 2: LMFAO)….

And dont even get me started on how T.I. named his son “Messiah YaMajesty.”

Anyway, it is true, I have some of this on my iPod, and I do jam out to it in my car (guilllty!), but I guess I cant really say that I would consider it good music. And of course everyones definiton of good music is different… and I think some of you are probably going to think I am a weirdo when I tell you what consider as good music.

I personally love classic rock. I grew up listening to it and jammin’ out in the car with my dad. The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, I feel like it was actually good music… it may have something do with everyone being on drugs in the 60s and 70s, but whatever.

Random #5: Is that casper?
Seriously, I am very pale right now. It is quite sad. I naturally have an olive complexion, but for me, this is just really, really white. I have been boycotting indoor tanning for the last year or two for the obvious risks. Maybe I need to pick up a bronzer or something because sometimes I almost look sickly. Any good suggestions?


Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

  • What is one of your favorite music “genres?” (techno, metal, rock, rap, etc)
    I love “good vibes music” which I dont even know if that is what it would be considered but stuff like Sublime, Jack Johnson, etc. And classic rock, some newer rock, some rap, and recently some country (I used to hate country!)
  • Do you use tanning beds? Any suggestions for me for a good bronzer/bronzer type lotion to give me some color again?
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  1. We are one in the same =)
    I love classic rock too! Mostly from the 70s/80s. Love me some Boston and Foreigner!
    And I hardly ever take pictures because I’m really not photogenic. I want to start taking more pictures though! We only think we’re not photogenic but in reality, you’re beautiful! I hope you have fun on your vacation!

    January 6, 2012
  2. I do those same Italian things! Haha! 🙂

    January 6, 2012
  3. My favorite workout stations are BEP, Lady Gaga, and Country Fitness!! 🙂 I used to tan allll tthe time. I really want to again because I hate being pale, but I’m trying to be healthier!!

    January 7, 2012
    • I did too! At a part time job I had in Alaska we got to go tanning (for free) as a perk. And in Alaska it is extremely popular because it is dark the entire winter it’s like light therapy! I miss being tan but I’m trying to hold out! I am considering that Jergens lotion for some extra color

      January 7, 2012
  4. …You can drink two bottles of wine in one sitting?

    October 9, 2012

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