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Motivators & Inspiration

Hello from Myrtle Beach!

Okay, not really. I didnt bring my laptop with me so I am actually writing from the past! I set this up to auto-post while I was gone so all you awesome people would have something fun to read in the meantime!


This is actually one of my more serious posts. Yes, for real – not like when I race people on the treadmill, or pull muscles running in heels from animals.

I figured now would be the perfect time to touch on this subject since we all just set some goals for the new year! So let’s talk about motivation and inspiration: the flow chart of goal setting if you will.

What motivates you to workout, eat well, and live a healthy lifestyle?

Is it to have abs like this?

Or arms and a back like this?

Legs like this?

Or is it to keep healthy to prevent an illness in your family history? (or illness in general?)

Or just be at a healthy weight, whether it means losing a few pounds or gaining a few pounds?

Or to just to be happy in your own skin?

Or to treat your body well so it can help you accomplish amazing feats?

(ironman photo source)


I look at a motivator as something that drives us to our goal. Having a motivational factor is great and all, but if you are like me (easily sidetracked, a little lazy sometimes, and hungry… wait…what?) you need something extra to keep you moving along the way!

Enter: inspiration! Inspiration is really what keeps us going, reminding us of our goal and our main motivator.

Your inspiration could be anything right? A picture to keep you motivated to get some amazing abs, or a picture of your less-fit self placed on your treadmill to remind you of your goal to lose a few pounds, to make you run a little harder.

Or maybe if you are striving to prevent an illness in your family history, your inspiration could be watching/remembering another family member’s journey to overcome the illness.

I drew a diagram of what the hell I am talking about if you are lost (haha!). I tried to make my diagram a lot cooler using Microsoft Paint on the computer but [as usual] I got really impatient and decided drawing it and taking a picture of my awesome drawing would be way easier.

If you feel like you are in a high school goal setting class, I am sorry haha. And by the way, my stick woman is not angry, that is just my determined/game face!


Here is one of mine:
Goal – To run a 5k this year
Motivator – I want to get into running because it is so beneficial and a great hobby! (plus
Inspiration – pictures! Pictures of other people in awesome shape from running, and pictures of my chubby legs (because I know running will help them become more lean of course!)

Your turn!

  • What is a fitness or health related goal of yours and a motivator for that goal?
  • What do you use for inspiration along the way?
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  1. Karen #

    Great post.
    Goal – To run a 10k

    Motivator – running challenges me mentally and physically and leans me out

    Inspiration – pictures too! Monthly full body shots of my progress, pictures of athletes, and motivational quotes

    January 7, 2012
  2. That bodyrocker chick’s abs rule!! Haha. One of my big motivators is actually Daily Mile. I love seeing the charts of my mileage racking up! Lol.

    January 7, 2012
  3. I sign up for races to help keep me motivated haha. So I have signed up for another half-marathon in April, which will keep me motivated to keep my butt in gear! 😉

    January 7, 2012
  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    Woot! Bodyrock! One of my goals is to actually not fall prey to letting myself become a compulsive exerciser again, or to let myself get sucked into the media and their image of “perfection”. I want to be healthy for myself, not anyone else

    January 8, 2012

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