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Random Friday & A Shameful Picture

Breakfast time! I actually woke up with my stomach kind of growling this morning. I needed protein. Que the egg sandwich.

I dont have any terribly interesting food to share from yesterday but of course I will share anyway 😉 Because, lets face it, most of us are here because we love food.

Lunch was a turkey wrap on a wheat tortilla with humus, turkey, cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato, and avocado.

Enjoyed with some frozen strawberries and a peppermint bark square (drool).

I didnt get any running in last night and instead opted to just have a relaxing night. I even cooked up a little bit of spaghetti for a simple dinner.

I even made a little makeshift garlic bread using a sandwich thin with some garlic powder.

I will be going to training tonight! My abs are still sore from Wednesday night (love that feeling though!).

We have a semi busy weekend coming up because we will be working over at Torrance’s uncles. They have been so busy out in the field that they have some cleaning and organizing to catch up on in the shop so I so graciously got dragged into it offered to assist.


Random #1: “Dear Asshat in the black Mercedes at the grocery store….”
….Your car is so cute, sleek, and tiny, that when parked it only takes up 1/2 the width of a parking space, yet rather than parking in the center of the space, you park “all up in my bidniz” to the point that if I open the door more than 2 inches on my truck to get in, it will peel your roof back like a sardine can. Instead of waiting for you to get back from buying caviar and gold-coated toilet paper (because this is obviously what people who drive Mercedes go to the grocery store for) I had to go through my passenger door and climb across my truck (in a skirt) to get to the driver seat. Classy. You obviously didnt get the memo that if you park too close to me I will run you over.

Consider this your warning. Maybe I need to get some of these….

Rant over. (I feel better).

Random #2: I need to keep sweets in my house
I was so concerned about label reading on my grocery adventure this week that I forgot to get anything delicious and sweet to eat incase I needed it (i.e. my new fav frozen yogurt). The other night I NEEDED sweet around 10pm. And sadly after ravishing my entire kitchen the best I could come up with was Nutella or strawberry preserves, but nothing good to incorporate them with.

A bowl of Raisin Bran did the trick… kinda. But I will admit, I went to bed a little bitchy.

Last night, I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies (using a different recipe that I incorporated applesauce into – I’ll share soon!) to assist with this.

Random #3: Goals upkeep update
Water… I got it up a little bit,  holding steady at around 100(ish) oz daily. I am struggling to drink this much though honestly, I have to pep talk myself around 80 oz to squeeze some more in.
Running… I have only ran once this week.. yikes (do people still say yikes?). Running is going to be a weekend thing I can tell, which is perfectly fine with me as long as I am getting my endurance up so I can actually consistantly run.
Weight loss…. I fluctuate so much day to day that I wont have anything to report until I have a little larger number to work with. I have my official” weigh in for training coming up soon though. My last one was the day before Thanksgiving.
Being more organized…. yeah, still havent cleaned my truck….work in progress right?

I will give you a very shameful sneak peak into my messy truck. Dont judge me.

Clothes, trash, disarray – it’s all present. And dont worry, that is just a used gift card laying on the floor, not a credit card or anything (I’m not that disorganized).

Random #4: Birthday time
This will be my first birthday away from home/friends. Actually, I lie – technically I was here in NC last year for my birthday because we were here so I could check out the area before making the final decision to move here.

Anyway, you know what I mean – it feels kinda weird. I have decided to just keep things simple and my only request for my birthday is that I want cake and I will be happy.


That’s all I have for you guys today! Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

  • Is your car/truck typically clean or messy?
  • Any rants you have for the week recently? Let it out, you will feel better.
  • What kind of “sweets” do you keep on hand for when a craving strikes?
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  1. i couldnt stop laughing over your rant…i hate terrible parkers, douches!

    my car is typically clean now ONLY because its brand new…if you saw my old ford focus..oh lord. it was bad. talk to me in a year and we’ll see how i keep up with the cleanliness 😉

    i always have candy in our living room candy bowl…i’m totally the same as you, i NEED something sweet everyday or i would be a total biotch.

    p.s. those peppermint bark squares are AWESOME!!

    January 13, 2012
    • If I had a new clean car I wouldnt probably be a freak and would even take my shoes off when I got in it (kidding!)

      January 13, 2012
  2. My car usually has some type of clutter in it. That said, it’s ACTUALLY clean right now because I cleaned it out last Sunday. That was actually the only productive thing I did last Sunday….. Ooops.

    I always have Hershey Kisses on hand for my chocolate needs. They satisfy perfectly without making me feel too guilty. Right now I’m enjoying the Hersheys Hugs.

    January 13, 2012
  3. My car usually has some sort of clutter. Right now, I have a lot of protein bar wrappers in my cup holders.

    January 13, 2012
  4. I HAVE to have sweets in my house … it’s just a matter of being choosy about what kind of sweets are there! I usually have Dove milk chocolates, because I enjoy them, but they aren’t something that I want more than 1 or 2 of. I also have hot chocolate (warm, sweet, and fills me up!) and ice cream sandwiches (portion control!). 🙂

    January 13, 2012
    • yum! i love the skinny cow ice cream bars!! so good! and im lovin the edy’s frozen yogurt with sliced bananas and cinnamon! i am out of it all.
      dove milk choc is torrances favorite and i usually buy a handful of candy bars for him (hes a choc addict) at the beginning of the week and they are all gone by like wednesday but that is seriously awesome chocolate!!

      January 13, 2012
  5. There are always so many crumbs on the passenger seat (my side – lol). My husband avoids driving his co-workers places because of this bad habit of mine!! haha.

    January 13, 2012
  6. I’m OCD so my car is always clean, but I have to share this link with you because I know you will appreciate it:

    🙂 Ain’t no harm in having a messy car!

    January 13, 2012
  7. Girlie, you sound like me with you “must have something sweet” rampage. My sweet tooth always kicks in late at night and it MUST be satisfied. I am highly impressed that raisin bran did the trick–I would have leveled that jar of nutella! 🙂 I always have chocolate chips on hand if I need a little sugar.

    My car is contained chaos–the mess is hiding in cubbies. It drives my husband CRAZY!

    January 14, 2012
  8. Ohh having sweets at home is crucial for me…even if it’s just fruit! I like to think the sugar high contributes to a good night of sleep! I’ve given up chocolate so satisfying the craving is a bit trickier…recently applesauce with peanut butter stirred in seems to do the tricK!

    January 14, 2012

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