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Workin’ On Sunday & Casual Monday

If you are so lucky to have this Monday off – I am jealous!

Hey, at least I get to have a “casual” day… Jeans day!

Truth be told, I’d actually rather wear dress pants to work, to me it is more comfortable sitting at a desk all day. Not complaining! I like the “casual” feel that goes along with jeans day at the office.

And just for that (ok not really), I brought back the egg n jelly sandwich! It has been weeks. With some frozen strawberries on the side.


Yesterday ended up being quite uneventful. I woke up around 8, cooked us some breakfast (scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and toast!), and then went on an all out 2 hour cleaning rampage.

It was intense. And productive. I took a little break after that and took Kona on a walk. It was pretty chilly yesterday – hanging around 30 degrees.

We headed to Torrance’s uncles in the afternoon to get some work done. I just drove over with him in the tool truck rather than driving my own truck (which is what I usually do), because it only made sense.

That thing was quite the interesting ride. It reminded me of riding the school bus.

camera 159

It’s like a big UPS truck. And yes that is some sort of mini saw thing in front of my face. Safe I know. The passenger seat is a little fold down thing that is in this little cubby and only one butt cheek fits on the seat…hilarious. I held on for dear life the whole time.

Anyway, rather than conquering breaking down this mountain of boxes (the picture doesn’t even do it justice)…


….we ended up doing some inventory type stuff instead for a few hours. Maybe next weekend for the box project.

When we got home I ran under the blankets because the heat in the tool truck is not working and I was frozen the whole 15 minute ride home.

I made us a quick dinner (the burgers I was going to make on Saturday night and didn’t) and we laid around and relaxed for a bit. And I enjoyed a delicious bowl of frozen yogurt, sliced bananas, and cinnamon. So glad to have something sweet back in the house!

camera 161


Sadly, I didn’t run yesterday either. One time all week – I obviously need to get my butt in gear and know that I am slackin’!

I will be heading off to training tonight though! I cant wait, I really look forward to it after having the weekend off!

If you werent around for the weekend… you didn’t miss much here, but just in case:

Have a great Monday!


  • Do you have today day off? Any plans for the week?
  • Anything fun to share from the weekend?!
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  1. I’m lucky enough that I can wear jeans to work every day – but I do agree that dress pants are more comfortable.

    I have the day off today and I’m going to work on getting organized for the week.. I have decided to start planning out my meals, we’ll see how that goes.

    I went up to Greensboro this weekend and had an absolute blast with some friends from college. It was totally unexpected but so much fun.

    January 16, 2012
    • I completely forgot you are not far from me! I havent been to Raleigh yet since being here. And mostly have only been to Greensboro for the airport! haha. I need to get out and explore a little more 🙂
      OOo meal planning can be good… I feel like I should probably start trying to do that again, I did a lot better when I was planning them as far as not wasting groceries, etc

      January 16, 2012
  2. they give us a choice of today or presidents day off and i chose presidents day. ahhh well, its all good!

    they let us wear jeans here all the time now but i tend to wear my dress pants more the same way, more comfy in my dress up work clothes then jeans..hahaha.

    this weekend was ALOT of food…time for me to get back on track as well!

    January 16, 2012
  3. I am so jealous of all you Americans (well I guess not you) and your day off today. I definitely had to work!
    And I am with you, I much prefer wearing dress pants to work, rather than jeans. Jeans are too constrictive, and I like to sit cross-legged on my desk chair. Very professional, I know. At least I have my own office so no one can tell 🙂

    January 16, 2012
  4. I work in a company that retails denim so it’s almost a necessity for us to wear jeans to work haha! Although I totally agree about work pants being super comfortable to sit in all day, which is why I still wear them every so often! No day off for us yesteray as I don’t think MLK day is even recognised in Mumbai! It’s all good- we have next Thursday off for Republic day so that’s something to look forward to :D!

    January 17, 2012

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