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Random Friday & My Dog Looks Like A Dinosaur

Good morning from my egg n jelly sandwich and I.


Random # 1: I feel for my Alaskan friends
The weather for the week… believe it or not, it has actually warmed up.

These temperatures are to be expected to make an appearance in January, however, when it is consistently that cold for a week+ it just really wears on ya .

Random #2: PIZZA & boo hoo fest
We ordered pizza for dinner last night and it was fabulous. I had quite the lazy feeling, so pizza sounded perfect. I got a veggie which was different than the other veggies I have ordered from them before because it had some different stuff and they put feta on it which I dont typically like. Somehow I hardly noticed it and it was delicious and I’m eating leftovers for lunch today.

I ate my pizza while settling into the couch and watching Stepmom (ABC Family, baby!) 

I havent seen that movie in forever. Probably since it came out in 1998 honestly. Anyway. I boo hoo-ed, I forgot how sad it was.

It is true, I have been known to cry during some movies. The ones that typically get me are one where animals are hurt or die (Marley and Me was a constant CRYING fest for me. WAH!) It is a problem. I even cried in City Slickers when the cow almost didnt make it across the river. Ah, true story!

Random #3: My lunch today
I will be running errands at lunch today so I packed a very random lunch to bring with me very quickly this morning since I wont be going home this afternoon.

Left over pizza, apple sauce, and a banana, oh and some humus and chips for a snack later.

Random #4: My hair is gross
Yes I wear it in a ponytail of some sort (yep, I have different variations of ponytails, I wear them that much) 4+ days per week.

Anyway, I typically wash my hair every other day, by the end of the 2nd day it is a little greasy sometimes. Well… confession time: I went 3 days this week without washing it. I know, I’m gross. Luckily no one said anything and I got confirmation from my coworker that you couldnt tell (I know she is so nice).

Random #5: OCD kicked it into high gear this week
I am by no means a clean freak (especially at work desk = disaster zone…or in my truck) but I have this weird thing with spots on the carpet. I really need to just buy my own carper/steam cleaner to be honest with you. But for now, my awesome new vacuum is kickin ass.

Well, I may have vacuumed 3x this week… I vacuum every weekend really good (Kona is shedding right now) but for some reason I vacuumed 2 extra times this week… both in the morning before work. Things are getting crazy around my house obviously.

Random #6: I have not been running
This is definitely my 2012 goal that is going to be a little hard. My goal is to run a 5k sometime this year, and yes I have 11 more months. It wouldnt surprise me if I run a 5k December 31st at 11pm, because even though I can be a bit of a procrastinator, I am determined and usually do what I can to accomplish goals, especially if they have a deadline.

Anyway, I have realized I really want my training to be my main focus right now, because I enjoy it and it is helping me A LOT overall. So running sort of gets put on the back burner as far as my fitness priorities go. I am still going to make honest efforts to get running in here and there. I really want to get my endurance up but I hate not feeling 100% dedicated to it… so for now, I am just going to have to be honest with myself and do what I can.

Random #7: I strive on a schedule, routine, and lists
It’s true. I like to have a schedule, and know what is going on. Doesnt that sound like a statement of someone who you think would be organized? I know… weird how that works. Even with all my lists and such, I still am not.

Random #8: My dog resembles a dinosaur
I just realized recently that Kona reminds me a lot of Little Foot from the Land Before Time movies (remember those?!)

I dont really know exactly why she reminds me of Little Foot, but there is an obvious resemblance.


Since last night was quite the lazy night, I will be heading off to training to get a good workout in!

Have a fabulous weekend!

  • What is a movie that can always make you cry (besides The Notebook – that’s a given!)
  • How often do you wash your hair?
  • Are you a scheduled person or a more of a “go with the flow” person?
    This is hard because Torrance hates being on a schedule especially on the weekends so I am forced to go with the flow sometimes, which is maybe good for me.
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  1. i cant even watch stepmom anymore because it always makes me cry…my grandmother died of cancer around that time and watching that movie always makes me associate that. (debbie downer moment, sorry!)

    when i color my hair, i try to not wash it all the time but its sooo hard when you workout all the time and your hair is always sweaty!

    i work really well on a routine/schedule. im a little OCD, its hard for me to relax lol

    January 20, 2012
  2. I always cry in movies where dogs die…. it just makes me so sad!!!

    I only wash my hair every few days. I hate having wet hair in the winter, and I can’t be bothered to blow dry!!

    I’m kind of a mix. I like to know what’s up, but I’m flexible too.

    January 20, 2012
  3. stepmom is such a sad movie and i love watching it. i am just like you when it comes to what kind of movies make me cry.

    as for hair washing, i try and wash it daily. i like to get in a run during my lunch hour ( yes we have gyms at work or we can run outside on the trails ) and i really cannot go and get ready for work again knowing my head/hair are all sweaty. self-conscious i know.

    i am more of a “planner” type personality. i like to know what i’m doing and where i’m going in plenty of time.

    January 20, 2012
  4. I wash my hair every other day. If I go longer than that, I can’t stand myself.

    I am ridiculously scheduled. My entire life is documented on my Google calendar.

    January 20, 2012
    • Ahh google calendar is the best! I recently downloaded the “cozi” app on my iphone which is a nice shared calendar both torrance and I can see because he always forgets his appointments!

      January 20, 2012
  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    You sound a LOT like me with the schedule and having lists haha. Actually, one of my current goals is to become LESS schedule-based and more “go with the flow”

    January 20, 2012
  6. Omg, Forest Gump ALWAYS brings on the water works for me…I’m such a weakling.

    And being OCD ain’t so bad…. 🙂

    January 20, 2012
  7. I feel like I’ve seen that movie so many times! I definitely cry every time I see it..I easily cry at movies and tv shows!

    January 20, 2012
  8. Stepmom is definitely a tear-jerker! I cry over LOTS of movies. I’m a total softie!

    January 21, 2012

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