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Rrrrrandoms – Breakin’ Plates And Takin Names

Truth be told, yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather in the morning. I had a stomach ache and just felt blah when I woke up. So instead of my usual coffee I had ginger ale which then led to me being a semi-groggy biotch (because of no coffee since my stomach was upset) throughout the morning. Luckily (for everyone around me! ha!) I shaped up once afternoon hit!

Anyway, I still managed to go to training last night. I was exhausted! But I pushed through. We did some pretty good and simple moves last night including one of my favorites that we do occasionally, lateral reaches with an overhead press (using two 15 lb dumbbells), rows using the TRX straps, and windshield wipers (like the below, only with a stability ball between your feet)


Even though yesterday’s ’11 Things’ was pretty random, I still have a few random things on my mind this week to share…

Random # 1: Get out of my face Brownies
As in Girl Scout brownies. I do not want your cookies. At the store, I was accosted by 2 Brownies and a Brownie pack leader (AKA crazy mom). This is how I felt when I was able to escape down one of the aisles at the store.

Haha kidding guys, kidding….(but seriously…ha!)

Random #2: Breakin’ plates and takin names
I have broken 2 plates this week…. One slipped out of my hand while grabbing it out of the cupboard and fell onto the (granite) counter. And it made me want to yell: “Opaaa!” (Okay I did yell that, after it broke).

I have definitely been known to break some dishes in my day – usually wine glasses….but I am taking it as a sign that it’s time to get new dishes 🙂

Random #3: Big ol’ Salad
The other day for lunch I went to Ruby Tuesday and got a salad to go. I dont know why I dont do this more often. It was only like $7 and perfectly delicious.

Random #4: Heart Rate Monitor
I decided that for my birthday next week, I am buying myself a heart rate monitor and a new pair of lifting gloves. My hands have been killing me at training lately because we do a lot of grip demand moves and I know it would help greatly.

Also, I have been wanting a heart rate monitor for a while, but just couldnt bring myself to spend the money on a super nice one since I dont need a lot of the “extras” (maybe if I ran I would!) but after Lauren’s recent review of the new one she got (the Polar FT4 watch) that looks perfect for what I am wanting – mostly to check out my heart rate zone (of course) and a more accurate idea of calories I am burning specifically during training. I also am considering the FT7 because it has some additional features that seem pretty nice.

Random #5: Walking
Does anyone here walk for exercise? I walk the dog all the time and consider it activity but I weirdly dont think of it as “getting a workout” – though I know walking is actually good for you. I ask, because I promised Torrance’s aunt I would get some walking time in with her. She is going to be a doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte this coming fall. Breast cancer is something very close to her as her mother passed away from it years ago.

There are a lot of different races for the cause during the weekend event but the one she will be participating in is walking a marathon….26.2 miles. So she is trying to get some miles. So I, of course, agreed to do some walking with her. Why not?


Later for now! I am still deciding if I want to head to training tonight or not – I’m still pretty sore. I know I know, I should just suck it up! 😉

As for other weekend plans, I dont have too much on the agenda besides walking at some point and the usual weekend festivities!

  • If you use a heart rate monitor what type do you use? Any other similar gadgets you use (BodyBugg?!)
  • Do you ever walk for exercise?
  • Weekend plans?
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  1. I have been breaking stuff like crazy too… Including my dollar store wineglass (I almost teared up). You know I love my HRM – that thing is awesome! I walk for exercise on days that I don’t feel like working out – that way I still burn some calories but don’t necessarily break a sweat.

    I haven’t seen a single girl scout since I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while thanks for my meal plan 🙂

    I’m going out tonight with some ladies and I am SO excited!

    January 27, 2012
  2. ahhh ruby tuesdays croutons are soooooooooooo good. i could eat a pound of em by myself.

    i use a garmin for my HRM ..i THINK its the forerunner 305. tracks my mileage, HR and cals burned. i like it!

    walking can be exercise..speed walkers look pretty kickbutt to me 😉

    January 27, 2012
  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    I have a Polar HR monitor! Mine is the FT60 and I lovelovelove it! It’s pretty much like a personal trainer– you put in all your info and it tells you how many calories you should burn in each zone for your specific zone.

    Now, if only I would get around to replacing the battery so I could use it again…

    January 27, 2012
  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    specific goal*

    Maybe I should learn to write

    January 27, 2012
  5. I love your Girl Scout Cookie picture; it is the truth! I am one of those people that will go in the OTHER door that is not being solicited by lil’ cookie monsters at the grocery store and if both are occupied? I have been known to go somewhere else that is cookie-less; it’s totally pathetic but I just want to do my grocery shopping in peace!

    January 27, 2012
  6. I walk for exercise sometimes! I like doing intervals on the treadmill … switching up incline levels and speeds, but still walking. I don’t do it every day, but I enjoy it as part of my workout routine! 🙂

    January 27, 2012
  7. I hate breaking plates but I do it OFTEN. I am such a klutz!

    I loooove walking! I always forget to consider it as a possible exercise possibility because I am often so go-go-go. However, I think it is one of the most perfect forms of exercise–so relaxing and SO easy to do!

    January 29, 2012

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