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No Brakes, Dinner of Champs, & A Shoe Review

Last night didnt go exactly how I had planned. Well nothing ever goes exactly how I plan but this was a little different because I had planned to go to training and then have a nice relaxing night afterward that involved painting my nails (aw…big plans obviously)

(Aw, throwback pic! Christmas nails!)

Okay, this isnt about Christmas nails, haha.

Around 4:30 I was on the phone with a client and I saw Torrance calling on my cell a few times in a row, which usually that is only if there is something urgent. So then I got a text.

“Call me, the brakes went out on the tool truck.”

A little background on Torrance’s job real quick if you are new around here – He is a tool salesman. Him and his uncle drive around in their designated areas and sell tools to the people that need them and collect money from those who have accounts with them who have bought things prior (so they end up seeing the same clients week to week). The tool trucks, are basically mini semi trucks (think large UPS truck) that are setup like a store inside with tools on display, etc.

Anyway, so when I see that text, I am picturing a giant rogue tool truck speeding down the road with no brakes. Because I am dramatic like that. (Where is Lindsay’s awesome cartoon drawing skills when I need them!)

I called him as soon as I could and he told me the rear brakes are going out and he is driving straight to his uncles so they can pull it into the shop and fix it, so that he can have it all fixed for work the next day. I have to admit I was a little worried since he was about 30 minutes away from his uncles house. I was picturing one of my clients (I work at an insurance company) calling to tell me a tool truck smashed into them. Ha! (ok not funny).

Well, it involved a lot of hard (greasy work…yes I even got dirty) and his uncle actually had to run to the next city over (45 minutes away, one way) to a specialty truck parts store for something they needed because they are the only one that is open late.

We (okay, they) ended up getting everything fixed and we finally headed home around 10:30. Since I never ate dinner because I wasnt hungry when I picked dinner up for them (and I wasnt sure how long the escapade was going to last). I was starving and headed straight to the kitchen.

Yep, scrambled eggs and cheese on a wheat tortilla at almost 11 at night. Dinner of champions.

So needless to say, I will most definitely be heading to training tonight and getting to bed a little earlier, since I am a little old lady…and of course need my beauty sleep!


New Balance WT20 Review

Okay, so as you know – I was on the hunt for some new shoes for training. Our trainer was discussing with us one night afterwards how running shoes arent the best thing to wear for the type of training that we do. Reason being? He said that running shoes are traditionally more padded and designed for a different type of movement (running) and because of this, while lifting weights or doing particular movements and can cause poor form, and ultimately lead to discomfort and/or injury.

He stated the best types of shoes are flats, barefoot, or many of the new “minimal” style shoes.

Now how ironic is it, that 2 days after this chat – I am catching up on Tina’s blog over at Carrots N’ Cake only to find that she shared something so eerily similar to our conversation that I would have thought she was a fly on the wall.

In her post she shared the fact that she just got some new shoes to use for CrossFit after finding out wearing traditional running shoes are not the best thing to wear.

Crazy, right? Go check out her post on the matter as she shared some good info she found in regards to this.

So, since she mentioned she ordered the New Balance WT20’s I had to check them out of course! I printed a little info off and brought it into my trainer as well for him to give his two cents, just because I trust him. And he was impressed and said those sound like something that would be perfect.

So I headed to Zappos and ordered those babies up – A total of $85 with tax (free 2 day shipping!)

After reading some of the reviews, I opted to get a half-size bigger than my usual (I ordered a 9.5 instead of my usual 9) which definitely was a good choice, however if I were going to not wear socks with these (which many people dont it appears) I would have wanted to go with my usual size 9.

(Check out those tan legs – Jergens Natural Glow baby!)

These things are the absolute best fitting/feeling shoes I have ever had. They feel great during training and I feel I have a lot more flexibility in my feet for jumping and moves that involve fancy foot movement (grapevines). I definitely give them an A+.

Though these are the trail running version, how much I love these makes me want to check some of the other shoes in their “Minimus” line for running, or even walking the dog outside.

So, if you are in the market for some shoes of this nature I definitely recommend checking out these babies!


Oh, by the way I loved reading all of your comments and thoughts on yesterday’s post about skin cancer!

I’m off to finish breakfast….

…and actually get some stuff done today 😉

Have a fabulous day – I will for sure be heading to training tonight since I missed out last night!

  • What’d you have for breakfast today?
  • Tell me about some new shoes you are lovin’ lately (boots, heels, anything!)
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  1. Brake issues scare me SO much! I am glad everything turned out ok. Eggs are totally my go-to dinner, too! Aren’t they the best?!

    My breakfast today was mashed sweet potatoes–I am an addict. And I am loving a pair of booties I got for Christmas–they are SO comfortable!

    February 8, 2012
  2. Wow sounds like quite the eventful evening. I am dramatic too so I would have pictured exactly the same thing. I had a delightful breakfast of oatmeal with pb2 – an old favorite of mine 🙂

    February 8, 2012
  3. what an eventful evening…im glad everything got fixed in the end though!

    this was really useful–my friend has been wearing her running shoes for kickboxing and has been experiencing alot of issues…i just told her she needs to change to crosstrainers! lol..i’m in love with my new mizunos…they are so lightweight compared to my old brooks and i’ve been having some GREAT runs in them! (begone IT band problems!)

    breakfast today was snickerdoodle flavored oatmeal with a spoonful of dark chocolate PB 🙂

    February 8, 2012
  4. Sounds like you had a fun-filled evening of working on trucks 🙂

    Breakfast this morning was a green monster smoothie bowl; I even used your trick of a frozen banana and it was absolutely DELIC!

    February 8, 2012
  5. hahaha, thanks for the shout-out. That is EXACTLY what I pictured. As soon as I read the title of this post, that’s what I pictured. No brakes does not sound fun.

    February 8, 2012
  6. I just got a new pair of Brooks running shoes that I’m enjoying … they’re called the Ravena 2. And my breakfast was my usual … peanut butter and banana on whole-wheat toast. Yum! 😉

    February 8, 2012
  7. I don’t have them but there are some pink pointy Fergie heels I’m really WANTING!!! lol. I need to get some training shoes too. I tend to use my running shoes for everything. That also wears them out faster which I don’t like!

    February 8, 2012

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