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It’s Really Random & My Reoccurring Dream

Random #1: 2012 Goals check in
Drink 120 oz of water per day–semi check. I have a few days but for the most part I fill my 16oz Tervis tumbler up about 6 times per day which is around 100 oz.

Lose 20lbs — well, 5 lbs isnt much but it’s progress. Plus, if you remember, I am a huge procrastinator and there are 10 1/2 months left in the year, duh!
Be more organized — So far the only thing I have organized is my laundry room and my kitchen/pantry. Baby steps….
Run a 5k — as I mentioned before, this one is being put on the back burner for now (I know, I know, already) because I decided I want my training to be my main focus right now and I will work running in when I can. In all honesty, the determination for this just isnt quite 100% there yet.

Random #2: I need a grill pan
I have no idea why I dont have one already – but I definitely need it in my life, ASAP!

grill pan

Random #3: My reoccurring dream
I am a really hard sleeper. I rarely dream, and if I do, I don’t remember. When I do have dreams they are usually some sort of weird/humorous adventure or really boring and short.

And then there is the white rabbit.

whiterabbitYep, Alice’s white rabbit.

I think the first time I had this dream I was about 8 years old. The dream always starts the same. It starts out in my old childhood house (that we lived in until I was about 10 and then moved to another one). Where I would walk out of my bedroom and see the rabbit standing on the stairs and then he’d start running away from me and I’d chase him out the back door by the kitchen and through the yard, and then from there it changes in each dream. Sometimes I’m chasing him through a city (usually places I have been).

Anyway, I had it a lot and then as I got older it would spread out like every few months, and then stopped for a while. Recently I have started having it again though about once a month. And it still always starts out the same. And if you’re wondering, I’ve never caught him!

Weirdest thing ever. Alice In Wonderland is my most favorite movie/cartoon/story ever but I don’t know that that really explains this.

Random #4: I go through a weird amount of trash
I swear I am not wasteful.

It is actually hilarious because yesterday after work I was taking my trash to the back and my coworker goes “geesh, didn’t you just take your trash the other day?”

Funny because at my old office my coworkers always made fun of me for this. I don’t really know why I have so much trash – this applies to work and home actually. Home makes sense because I cook a lot, but at work I just don’t know. Maybe I eat more snacks than I thought? 😉

Random #5: Lotsa’ veggies
This isnt that random but yesterday I had some amazing veggies.

An awesome chef salad at lunch from that Greek café I love:


That baby has romaine, spinach, turkey, ham, pita chips, cherry tomatoes, cheese, onions (which I definitely picked out), hard-boiled egg, banana peppers, and olives. And Greek dressing of course.

And then since I was 100% lazy for dinner, we ordered some pizza. I am convinced Dominos has the best veggie pizza ever. I love the spinach, real tomatoes, and real mushrooms on it. And weirdly even though I don’t like feta usually, I like it on this.


I also love that their crust is still big and fluffy but the actual pizza part doesn’t have a thick bread on the bottom but just lots of toppings! Perfect.

Random #6: Foodie PenPals
It is a foodie exchange via mail that the lovely Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean hosts each month; this will be my first time participating and I am 100% excited about it! Once I reveal my stuff later in the month I will share the rules but if you are curious about it now – go check out the details over at Lindsay’s blog (go there now!).

PS – you don’t have to be a blogger to participate! so get on the wagon for next month!


It is Friday, if your week was filled with as much ridiculous stuff as mine was (like this and this) you are probably relieved for the weekend.

Plus, I am extra excited because I have a super-duper hot date this weekend with the lovely Lauren! 😉

Since I decided to have a really lazy mellow night last night,  I will be headed off to training tonight – word on the street (ok actually my trainer emailed me) that we will be having an awesome abs and core workout tonight, score!

Have a great Friday!

  • Do you/have you ever had a reoccurring dream? Do you think it means anything?
  • Favorite Disney movie/childhood story?
  • Weekend plans?
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  1. the foodie penpals thing sounds like alot of fun, i think im gonna sign up for next month! 🙂

    Favorite disney movie= the little mermaid, hands down. close runner up is the lion king!

    that pizza looks yum…i dont mind dominos from time to time, especially during football season when im too lazy to cook on gameday 😉

    i dont have any solid plans this weekend but me and kev are taking a little trip next week so im excited for days off of work!!

    happy friday!!

    February 10, 2012
  2. I also go through SO much trash. I have no idea why?! I have to take out the trash every other day–so strange! Also, you NEED a grill pan. It will change your life!

    My favorite Disney movie is probably Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella. I love a good ball gown! 🙂

    February 10, 2012
  3. I was looking at a grill pan last night!! For some reason unbeknownst to me, I chose a heart-shaped donut pan instead. Lol. I don’t even LIKE donuts. But I thought they’d be fun to make! Cinderella is DEFINITELY my fave. I’m convinced I AM Cinderella. Still. Lol.

    February 10, 2012
  4. I love love loved the Lion King (it may have been because of my crush on JTT….I’m pretty sure every girl in America did!). I was super happy that the Broadway show was JUST as amazing.

    February 10, 2012
  5. I don’t necessarily have the same dream over and over, but I often dream about people I work with … especially the ones who intimidate me haha!

    And favorite Disney movie was always Sleeping Beauty. I loved the scene when the fairies were changing the cake from pink to blue! 😉

    February 10, 2012
  6. I have a lot of trash too! I always blame it on the fact that we cook so much.

    I think fox and the hound was my favorite disney movie. 🙂

    February 11, 2012
    • I remember it took me forever to watch that all the way through when I was little because it was sad!!

      February 11, 2012
  7. I’m drinking out of a Tervis tumbler now! I love em 🙂
    And that dream is crazy! I’d totally get that analyzed.

    February 12, 2012

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