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Hey, It’s Spring & Go Eat A Tomato!


Oh, and happy first day of Spring. I can say this for the first time with it actually kind of meaning something.

Living in Alaska, I always scoffed at that because the seasons there are not in-line with the calendar quite as well… (“Spring” typically doesnt take place until April-May and is about a week-long and then BAM it is summer!) so around this time of year – toward the end of winter  when you are anxious for winter to just be over – if anyone said “happy first day of spring” to me when the temperature was around zero and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, I gave them the middle finger ignored them.

Anyway, iced coffee was much-needed this morning – yesterday, drinking my usual hot coffee in the morning made me super hot (not the good kind!) and when I get really hot when I’m trying to work (or do anything productive for that matter), I get flustered.


Well, my first night back at training was a success! It was definitely no joke (I can feel it today!). We did more of a cardio type circuit – meaning almost everything was speed and nonstop moving rather than slow, controlled moves.

Some of the 11 moves included: seal jacks, ball slams, one handed pushups (modified for those of us who suck arent that awesome), tricep dips, and dirty dogs:

dirty dogs


Definitely a good night back! It is sad how I could seriously feel the week off!

Torrance actually mentioned over the weekend that he wanted to start working out again. When he was staying down here the last winter, him and his uncle always worked out together at a nearby gym…so he is considering joining there again though he did figure he would test out our apartment gym (that he has never stepped foot in by the way).

When I returned home from training he had just gotten back and said it was ok but he was disappointed there wasn’t any kind of free weights down there. He also said it was about 120 degrees in there, which I don’t doubt since it was 80 yesterday and it is pretty small in there.

Anyway, some day I will convince him to try out training with me… I think he would like it, getting him in there will be tricky!

So, we were both starving so I whipped up a quick dinner. We split a baked potato (I topped mine with some shredded cheese) and I reheated some leftover pot roast, served with some steamed green beans and tomato slices (topped with balsamic of course!).


You know, the last time I got fresh green beans from the grocery store they were really funky… so I have resorted to these lately, and they are amazing.


Seriously, those have got to be the best brand of frozen veggies!

And as far as the tomatoes…. I have been eating a ridiculous amount of them lately. If I could eat a tomato like a peach, I would (kiiiiidding!), though I am pretty crazy about them.

Don’t believe me, I even had some slices at lunch yesterday too! (with cucumbers and an egg salad sandwich!)


So of course it had me wondering, what benefits am I getting from all this tomato munching?

Google, you are the bomb.

In reading a few different articles (the best being here, here, and here) about tomatoes, I have come to the conclusion that they carry the following health benefits:

  • They are an excellent source of antioxidants (most note worthy, a specific type of antioxidant called Lycopene), vitamin C and also contain folic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin A
  • They excel in cardiovascular health, and also support bone health
  • In some studies, tomatoes have proven to to aid in the prevention of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Some studies have also proven that their consumption can be associated with a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, digestive tract cancers, and asthma/lung disease

So basically this is my way of justifying that I am not a weirdo for eating a whole tomato a day Smile


Have a great Tuesday!

  • When does “Spring” actually happen in your area?
    I am still learning things around here (in NC) and from what I heard we had a mild winter so I have no idea what is going on, I just go with the flow.
  • Do you like or hate tomatoes? If you like them, what is your favorite way to eat them?
  • Is there any fruit or vegetable you eat particularly a lot of?
  • Does your significant other workout? Do you guys workout together?
    We have never ever in our 9 years have worked out together. He has never really been a “go to the gym and workout” type of guy anyway. His workouts usually consist of conditioning for dirtbikes or snowmachining (sorry, “snowmobiling” for you non-Alaskans haha)
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  1. Spring usually happens in March and lasts until May..then it heats up in june…i’m loving the weather here lately!

    I share your love affair with tomatoes..SO good. i eat cherry tomatoes like no ones business. i can eat em just plain but with balsamic or salt is awesome too!

    March 20, 2012
    • YUM! so good with just salt and pepper. I dont put salt on a lot of stuff but i think it helps bring out the flavor in tomatoes! yum!

      March 20, 2012
  2. I’m new to Colorado this year, and I really have no clue what’s going on. We get beautiful days in January for weeklong stretches, and then dumped with snow. Lol.

    I don’t LOVE tomatoes, but I tolerate them. I had some last night, actually. With a lot of salt.

    Kevin and I go to the gym together every day! And we run outdoors together a decent amount too!! I love it!! Last night we did a kettlebell workout together. I think I’m super annoying, but I’m trying to help him with his form!! He listened to me after his back started to hurt!! Haha.

    March 20, 2012
    • haha that is how i would be because i am bossy… hmm now that i think of it, that is probably why torrance doesnt work out with me haha

      March 20, 2012
  3. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes #

    I would love to go eat a tomato but they are just not in season yet here. When they are good I definitely will be eating one a day, at least. God now I really want a nice, ripe one. Thanks a lot, lol!

    March 20, 2012
  4. I eat tomatoes like apples–for real. I LOVE them! They are so amazing. Chase always looks at me like I am crazy, but give me a tomato with a little sprinkle of pepper and I am a happy girl! I cannot wait to grow my own–they always taste so much better!

    Couple workouts do not work out well for us yet; however, Chase has started working out (as of Saturday…) so maybe couple workouts are in our future???

    March 20, 2012
  5. lapiattini #

    Such a balanced meal! Looks yummy 🙂

    March 20, 2012
  6. TN weather is crazy – you never know if “spring” is going to be burning up (85 today) or freezing! I’m good with the warm weather. 🙂

    I love tomatoes!!! My family grew them when I was younger, and I hated them for about 8 years because I spent my summers helping out in the tomato/cabbage packing shed, and all the rotten tomatoes in the summer heat – bleck. Now I love them plain, on crackers with a little bit of goat cheese or Laughing Cow cheese, or broiled in the oven with a little cheese and balsamic. Oh, and of course, on a BLT!

    Daniel will run with me every now and then (as if I run consistently ha), but he never does weights or other workouts with me. His job is extremely laborious, so usually by the time he gets home he is wiped out. It’s frustrating – although he never “works out”, he has a clearly defined six pack. I love that he has it, but I’m quite jealous. 🙂

    March 20, 2012

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