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Running In Place & My Weekday Breakfast Montage


It is another nice one here, that’s for sure!

brownwalkLast night’s training involved a lot of cardio again (in the sense that it was nonstop moving).

We did a lot of different stuff last night and quite a bit of jumping which resulted in some shin splints going on for me (and another girl who gets them frequently).

We also did this hilarious “running” move that involved us being hooked up to a spring. Yeah, it is as weird as it sounds. Basically a bungee in a sense that one side is hooked to the wall (it looks similar to a rope) and the other side has a “backpack” type strap that you put on, just like you would a backpack, and then you go as far forward as you can to stretch the spring and then run in place. It was really awkward but boy could you feel it! It was secretly hilarious watching other people do it, but it’s ok because I’m sure I looked equally as hilarious.

We also did mountain climbers, stationary bikes without pedaling (only using our arms), hamstring curls, can openers using the kettle bells, and really fast high jumps.

After our usual stations, as a group we did some extra moves including pivoting squats, down and back sprints, and lateral jumps.

I was defeated at the end! It hurt so good.


So I got an email the other day asking about my breakfast’s during the week. As you have noticed I typically always eat the same rotation of things. I was actually asked if I could do a quick breakdown of how I make these quick breakfasts – and of course I would be happy to do so!

Since I always make my breakfast real quick and take it with me to go (except for the oatmeal), my typical breakfast menu options for a weekday looks like this:

  • Almond butter banana sandwich with cinnamon on a sandwich thin
  • Egg sandwich with turkey and cheese on an English muffin
  • Egg and jelly sandwich on an English muffin
  • Oatmeal with banana and frozen strawberries

Every once in a while I will switch it up and add in some whole grain waffles with Chobani or something like that. Or when summer hits, I will be enjoying a lot more smoothies!

file later 007

Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich

  • Wheat sandwich thin (I like the Arnold brand, plus they are always on sale!)
  • Almond butter (or PB!)
  • small banana
  • ground cinnamon


I toast the sandwich thin lightly. Once done, pull out of toaster and let it cool off for a second.

Then, spread almond butter on both sides of the bread (this helps hold it all together) and then lay thick slices of banana covering one side. Sprinkle cinnamon generously on top of banana and then voila!

I typically wrap this up to go in a square of paper towel lined with a square of foil (folding all 4 corners in). It keeps it warm and toasty!

Egg Sandwich with Turkey & Cheese

  • 1 English muffin (I prefer the Thomas Light multigrain)
  • 1 egg
  • shredded cheese (I use lowfat cheddar)
  • 1 or 2 pieces of deli turkey


Toast the English muffin to your preference (I like mine a little crispy) As soon as you pull out of the toaster, sprinkle some of the shredded cheese over one side of the English muffin (it will melt while the muffin is still hot!)

Then, fry the egg.


I actually had to master this a little because I usually sucked at frying eggs Smile The easiest way I found to do it was spray a small pan with nonstick spray and heat the pan on medium heat. Once warm, add egg and let cook on one side for about a minute and a half and then flip and cook for another minute and a half or a little longer depending on how well done you want your yolk (I like mine “over medium” for this)

Once egg is almost done, add the turkey slices to the pan just to heat them, I usually only do a couple of seconds on each side. Add egg (I usually put egg on cheese side to help keep cheese melty) and turkey to the English muffin.

Sometimes for an extra kick, I add spinach to get some veggies in!

Add salt/pepper if you like.

I wrap this up to-go the same way that I do with the AB banana sandwich (in paper towel and tinfoil).

Egg & Jelly Sandwich

  • English muffin (I use Thomas Light multigrain)
  • 1 egg
  • Jelly of choice (I use Smuckers strawberry preserves)


I toast the English muffin and prepare the egg just like the egg sandwich above, but the only thing done differently is I just spread a good amount of jelly on one side of the English muffin.

And of course wrap it up in the same togo style 🙂 This one is a little messier to take to go, but as long as you have a napkin, its not too bad. (I probably wouldnt attempt to eat this one driving/in the car though if you eat while you commute!)

Oatmeal w/ Banana & Frozen Strawberries

  • 2 packets of instant oatmeal of choice (I like the Better Oats “OatFit” kind, Cinnamon Roll specifically (picture below)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 container of Dole frozen strawberries (or of course you could use fresh)

file later 004

This is the oatmeal I prefer to use – I put 2 packets in the bowl, cover with water (I eyeball it but there are exact instructions on the packet) and pop in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds (stopping once to stir)


And then I just slice up the banana and add the strawberries! Voila!

This one obviously doesnt commute as well, since I am fortunate to have a kitchen at work I usually make this one when I get there since it only takes a couple of minutes.


I hope that helps some of you out of gives you some ideas for a quick breakfast! I would eat before I leave the house but I always feel to rushed to sit down and eat so making something and taking it with works better for me – plus I prefer eating it at my desk at work (ya know, since I still dont have a damn kitchen table at home!)

Have a great Thursday! So close to the weekend – and I just got notice today that the pool at the apartment opened back up for summer!

  • Do you eat breakfast before you leave the house or do you take it to-go?
  • How many different breakfasts are in your usual “rotation?”
  • Favorite way to eat eggs? (scrambled, omelet, fried, on a sandwich, etc)
    Probably fried/poached. Poaching is more work but I feel like if I fry it (without usnig any butter of course) it is pretty similar.
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  1. yum! now im hungry for breakfast 🙂

    i always make my breakfast at work, im here pretty early anyways. i snack on something after my morning workout to hold me over.

    i have like 3-4 breakfasts in my rotation. i def lean towards oatmeal in the winter!

    ive totally been feeling poached eggs recently…usually i just like them scrambled, is it weird yolks still freak me out a little? im slowly trying to get myself into them though!

    March 22, 2012
  2. That’s funny. I was just thinking about breakfasts this morning and thinking that I made four good ones this week. I’ve been working the eggs and the oatmeal since I started following the Jackie Warner plan. Before that we had a lot more cereal. I like egg sandwiches the best. I baked eggs in ramekins this morning and them flipped them out on to a ww English muffin!!!! yum!!!

    March 22, 2012
  3. I always eat breakfast before I leave the house–I am a die-hard breakfast eater. I mean it IS the most important meal of the day. 🙂

    I have a pretty boring rotation, but I love it. I either eat mashed sweet potatoes and applesauce or I eat eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up) with a fruit of any kind! In the summer, smoothies also make it into the rotation!

    March 22, 2012
    • sweet potatoe for breakfast?! i would never think of that just because i picture it has hearty lunch/dinner food!

      March 22, 2012
  4. Yum. They look like good filling brekkies. I usually eat toast and then kind of a second breakfast after a workout. Thats usually yogurt with fruit etc. I need to work on more protein!

    I never have breakfast to go- messy!

    March 22, 2012
  5. Sometimes I switch off between commuting breakfast and eating at home. Just depends on how lazy I am in the mornings! 😉 I switch off between about 4 different things, but find that every once in a while I get stuck on one thing and have to have it every day. Weird!

    March 22, 2012
  6. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes #

    I always eat breakfast before I leave the house. People think I’m crazy but if I have to be at work at 6am I get up at 4:30 so I can make my usual breakfast (oatmeal or pancakes) and sit to enjoy my coffee. It’s just the only way I roll.

    March 22, 2012
  7. Yum, everything looks great!! I always eat breakfast before I leave the house (or hotel, currently haha). My favorite is always peanut butter and banana on whole wheat toast, but I’ll sometimes mix it up with cereal or oatmeal. Or if I’m really lucky, pancakes! 😉

    March 22, 2012
  8. Breakfast is my absolute favorite. I was a little skeptical of the eggs and jelly sandwich until making an egg sandwich with berry waffles last weekend. So good! Now I just need another weekend with time in the morning to give it a try!

    March 22, 2012

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