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People Are Crazy, Ingrid Michaelson, & Summer Excitement

Random #1: Foodie Penpal reveal day
It’s Foodie Penpal reveal day today. Sadly, I am having a malfunction with my camera to get the lovely pictures off of everything. I may have it up later today, or if anything by tomorrow morning (promise). I cant wait to share all of the fabulous things that Kalee sent me!

Random #2: I work out! (In my most annoying LMFAO voice)
Last night decided to go training since my injury is feeling a little better. Luckily it didnt bother me at all and I got a really good workout in!

We did 2 long rounds of our usual circuit (a minute and a half at each station) and it was interesting! We did calf raises, squats with an overhead press (with kettle bells), balance boards, hamstring curls, and this very difficult foot digging move that I wish I had a picture of because it is impossible to explain. It was so hard and I feel it today in my legs for sure!

At the end of the 2 rounds, we did an “extra” move as a group. We pushed/slid a weight on the floor. Down and back 6 times (or 12 if you count each way). It had my quads BURNING!

Everyone really loves when I snap random pictures of them while we are working out.

Random #3: My new music love
I have mentioned maybe 500 times how I love listening to Jack Johnson on Pandora all day at work. Well I have a new love, which I’ve actually had some of her stuff on my iPod but I sort of forgot about it.

Ingrid Michaelson. She just has such fun music and I love her voice.

Random #4: Crazies
This lottery stuff is crazy. Up over $540 million. I had to stop and get gas this morning and the gas station was PACKED with people buying tickets, etc since they are picking the numbers tonight. People are buying them like they are going out of style…or maybe like they are gonna win $540 million dollars or something, haha.

Also it has been talked about on the news like crazy. Torrance and I spent 30 minutes last night dreaming about what we’d do if we won all that money. And the more I thought about it I think I’d be scared to win that much money.

Also, I dont think they let you do this, but it would be really nice if they let you stay anonymous when you won rather than plastering you face all over the place. I dont want to be rich AND famous. Just rich (haha).

Random #5: Things I’m excited about this summer….
1) For starters, getting a different vehicle so we can road trip to the beach and stuff.
2) Getting mountain bikes and going out to the trails to ride bikes and also go hiking
3) Laying by the pool (with my SPF 50 of course)

4) Sun dresses
5) Camping at this really nice lake that has a dirt bike track at it (Torrance’s idea obviously) but it looks beautiful
6) A new froyo place opening up half a mile from my house (the closest one now is 15 miles away!)


Have a fabulous day!

  • Give me a couple of things you are most excited about for summer.
  • Any new music loves? Please share.
  • If you won a large amount in the lottery would you prefer to stay anonymous or would you be ok with the fame?
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  1. Molly #

    How have you lived before without having a froyo place that close to your house? I would be wasting a lot of gas just for good froyo.

    If I won the lottery I would totally stay anonymous if I could. Although it would look silly if I started buying new cars, a house, etc!

    March 30, 2012
    • I dont know! but i decided if i go get froyo im gonna have to ride my bike there to help burn off all the excess calories i will be eating because of it 🙂 im sure it will add up eatin git 2x every day haha kidding

      March 30, 2012
  2. i’m planning on buying a bike this summer too, so excited!

    you should listen to florence and the machine if you havent already, she sounds like she might be up your alley.

    i think id prefer to stay anonymous if i won the lottery….privacy is nice 🙂

    happy friday girl!!

    March 30, 2012
  3. Yay fro-yo! I’m so excited for it to be warm enough to eat fro-yo MORE frequently. Hahahaha. More outdoor workouts! I love Ingrid. Have you listened to Regina Spektor? Super quirky but fun like Ingrid. I don’t see myself winning a lottery since I’ve never had a ticket. Haha.

    March 30, 2012
  4. I’m excited about the beach! NC beaches are the best I tell ya!

    March 30, 2012
  5. Plate pushes are one of my favorite exercises – they hurt so good! I use them in my Tuesday night class (SHRED), and everyone really enjoys them (insert sarcasm).

    Summer….um..NO TEACHING!…lots of pool time…CANCUN…sundresses…being tan…less makeup since I’m tan…cheer camp…extra time for workouts…homemade ice cream…camping and hiking trips…trips to the river…farmers market every weekend…ropes course…Daniel’s birthday…I’ll stop. 🙂 Can you tell I LOVE summer?!

    Daniel bought me a lottery ticket the other day – if I win the big bucks, I’ll be sure to keep it to myself. 😉

    March 30, 2012
  6. Have you watched that show (I think it’s on TLC?) about people who won the lottery and how their lives changed? Some of them can be scary … I agree that I would want to be anonymous! The crazies come out when that kind of money is involved!

    March 30, 2012
  7. ok that last point is the BEST! Fro yo that close to your house??? AWESOME!!

    March 30, 2012
  8. ittybitsofbalance #

    Watch out! A closer froyo joint is DANGEROUS news. Take it from someone who learned the hard way, and continues to learn over and over again each time I visit 8)

    March 30, 2012
  9. I’m always looking for new tunes to keep me going…. thanks!! oh and Fro-Yo is my favorite so I am so excited for you!

    Sad but true.. my fav song right now is Love you like a Love Song.. that Selena really does a great job with that one 🙂

    March 31, 2012
  10. fishandpoi #

    Great post! If you like Jack Johnson – check out the Best of Kokua CD on iTunes. We did a review for our blog followers – it’s a great CD. Aloha ~

    April 24, 2012

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