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10 Questions About My Personality

I have a lot going on today so I figured I would share this little questionairre today that I have been saving for a rainy day!

10 Questions about my personality

1. When a cashier in the checkout line at the grocery store is being a grump for no reason, how do you typically react?

I hate grumpy-for-no-reason-people. But I try to remind myself that there probably is a reason and maybe something happened to them so I usually just try to act neutral. However, if I am at work and a client is being grumpy I try to kill them with kindness.

2. Are you the type that likes going out with your girlfriends or staying in?

Both. I have never been that big into “going out.” In all honesty, I’d much rather go to someones house and have drinks, go camping, or go to a nice dinner than actually go hang out to a bar. I have turned into a home body pretty much since we got to NC, for obvious reasons – no friends here! Yep, I’m pretty much just stuck with these two…

3. Do you sob and get emotional watching romance movies?

Not at all. Opposite actually. Except for the Notebook, that one got me good. I cry more in movies when animals are hurt. I actually had a tear in my eye when the baby cow on the movie City Slickers started getting washed down the river. I know, that just sounds completely ridiculous of me.

4. What stresses you out the most?

Being overwhelmed with stuff I know needs to be done; or the complete unknown. Which with that being said, it is really strange because during our 6 months of preparing for our move here to NC, I was stressed about getting everything done before we left but not stressed about the “unknown” of living somewhere new where we dont know anyone or much about it which was kind of weird for me.

5. What do you think people think of you?

I dont even know. Im kind of a mess. Haha!

In high school I was the only girl in a group of spontaneous crazy guys (Torr & I’s friends) so I took on the “mother hen” role a lot and now I am somewhat of a worrier/”the responsible” one because of it. People have also explained me as: super outgoing, talkative, upbeat, bossy, full of attitude, and overly enthusiastic. And I cant deny any of those.

6. When you overindulge do you hit the gym to burn it all off, or just accept the indulgence and follow your same routine?

Meh, I pretty much follow the same routine, now that I am getting good, usual workouts. I do look forward to my workouts more if I “treated” myself more than usual though (i.e. last weekend I ate and drank a lot and I def looked forward to my workout on Monday!)

7. Are you easily annoyed?

Kind of… little things “annoy” me (i.e. I think it is “annoying” when people mumble and dont speak up haha) but in all reality stuff like that doesnt actually effect my mood.. if that makes sense. So for me to be truly annoyed and my mood show it, it takes quite a bit.

8. What do you think is your biggest personality flaw?

My bossiness and need to feel in control. I have a hard time just going with the flow sometimes. Luckily Torrance is a trooper and he just goes along with it and tells me to knock it off if I start getting too out of line! Haha 

9. What is one thing you don’t think people see enough of when it comes to your personality?

That is a tough one. Probably the only one I dont have a good answer for… I’m pretty much an open book. I would say my lack of “sensitivity” but honestly, I’m not really that sensitive of a person so there isnt too much to see!

10. Can you feel relaxed in a busy crowd or messy room?

I’m actually the opposite. I grew up in a really busy house (we always had people over, etc) so to me, if it is really quiet I feel uneasy. Messy is a little different though. If it is my own space (my house, living room, office, etc) that is messy I have a hard time relaxing because I have an annoying feeling of “I need to clean that!” but if I am in someone else’s space that is messy, I am fine since it’s not my responsibility.


  • Any of the above answers/traits that we have in common? What about any that are the opposite?
  • What is one thing that you dont think people see enough of when it comes to your personality?
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  1. haha we are so similar with the homebody/going out question…i like going out from time to time but much rather do something chill!

    im a weird outgoing sort of but really shy and socially awkward when you first meet me..i need to be around you a few times and then I loosen up. I guess its my lifelong self conscious streak…but i think its hard to see my full on personality at first!

    April 18, 2012
  2. Oh I feel very stressed out by the unknown as well. I can handle it as long as I know what the problem’s going to be. These personality things are aways weird for me because about half the people I know would say that I’m super outgoing and outspoekn/kind of the life of the party. The rest would say that I’m shy & introverted (especially since I’ve only been in Denver a short time). I think I am an introvert, definitely, but I’m also happy when I have a big group of friends I can laugh and be myself with too. 🙂

    April 18, 2012
  3. City Slickers! Such a good movie. You’re right … when that baby cow starts going down the river … now that’s a sad and scary moment!

    April 18, 2012
    • haha. I had NEVER seen that movie until last year Torrance made me watch it because he thought it was crazy I’d never seen it!

      April 18, 2012
  4. OK that pic of the two on the bed made my day! I love it!! Where are you supposed to fit! LOL. I totally cry when animals are hurt in movies too. The elephant scene in Water for Elephants…forget about it. FULL ON UGLY CRY. Sobbing. No good.

    April 18, 2012
    • Ahhh i havent watched that yet! I always avoid movies where i know animal sadness is going on. I havent even seen Marley & Me yet and i LOVE jenn aniston and owen wilson haha

      April 18, 2012
  5. We have a lot of similar responses on these questions! I feel like people think I’m insensitive (maybe because I’m not a very emotional person???), and the only movie I’ve ever cried in was Marley and Me. 🙂

    April 18, 2012
    • So funny I just replied to another comment that I have been avoiding the movie marley & me because i know what happens even tho i want to see it so bad and love jen aniston and owen wilson, i just cant watch it hahaha!

      April 18, 2012
  6. The picture of Kona in bed cracks me up! Jet is just like that…he just spreads out and we’re expected to just find room around him!

    April 19, 2012

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