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Random Time! – Yes I Live Here, Fun Website, &Secret Job Perks

Random #1: Lemon please
I want something lemon, but I dont know what. Naturally, I will try and bake something soon to satisfy this craving. This is strange for me… I’m not really a lemony person.

Random #2: Ummm… why yes, we have lived here for 9 months.
Do you ever just want to tackle a project so badly but it seems so overwhelming that you dont even know where to start? That is how I feel when I think about furnishing the rest of our apartment and finishing decorating.

maintainance came in to do the usual filters and stuff last week and I feel like they were thinking “uh…. havent you lived here for like almost a year?”

Yes we have lived here for 9 months now. I have bought tons of awesome decor and all the stuff to hang up the things I got for the walls, but I just havent done it.

Exhibit A:

Yeah, still no dining room table. I’m too lazy to go hunt for one that I like. Oh yeah, and that picture still isnt hung. Oh and dont mind the 80’s TV that we were officially done using in February… that is Torrance’s job to bring that to Goodwill though. Yes we are alike in our procrastination.

Exhibit B:

Random wall decor that is sitting in random places (in my closet?) waiting to be hung throughout the house #oopsie

Exhibit C:

Book shelf I so badly needed and wanted ASAP and bought a month ago…. that has no books on it still (I need to find book ends I like ok?). Also, please note the digital picture frame that is BLANK because I have yet to load pics on it (got it for Christmas…). Oh yeah, dont forget all the glass and other random decor that is being “stored” on the shelf until it makes it to its new permanent home in the spare bathroom, which I need to get shelves for to put these items on.

I’m a mess. I should probably work on that project this weekend……. maybe.

Random #3: The strangest new discovery
Obviously there is so much on the Internet now that I dont even know half of the stuff that exists. But I just discovered a website called Kickstarter. It is basically a place where “inventors” can get their product funded by consumers. It is actually pretty cool. Anyway, obviously there is a huge spectrum of things on there.

Me, being the tech nerd that I secretly am, found this particular creation pretty amazing. It is a watch that syncs directly to your smart phone. Watch the video- it’s pretty cool (it even has a fitness selling point! Not to mention, the guys who created this thing obviously look awesome….)

(If you cant view the video, click here to go directly to the site to watch)

I think the two coolest features for me were the fact that if my phone is in my purse or somewhere else in my house the watch will “ring” and show you who is calling so I know if I need to run to the phone or not (or dig through my purse) and also the fact that if you use your phone for music (which I do) you can change the songs from the watch.

Random #4: Fun for next week
I have some fun stuff lined up for next week as far as posts go… including something that involves a big box of fresh fruits and veggies…

Random #5: Pinterest – you failed me
I love pinning for a lot of different reasons – (especially when I click “pin” and it says “pinning!” I always say it in my Charlie Sheen “winning” voice), but it has been letting me down lately and has been producing a ton of bad links when I pin stuff. Especially recipes. I always scour through the food section and pin stuff that looks/sounds good and then go back later and look at the recipe. Man!

Speaking of which, I need some new dinner ideas…. give me some links to your fav recipes. Oops… sorry I didnt mean to get all bossy with you.

Please give me links to delicious dinner ideas. 🙂

Random #6: Secret job perks
My coworker has been out this week meaning it has been me by my lonesome sometimes. Which is kinda sad since I’m a social person, but the perks to this is that my boss feels bad if I get stuck by myself for a while and he brings me things. Yesterday I got Thai food for lunch and froyo in the afternoon!


  • Link a good recipe for me!
  • If you work, what is a little thing that you consider an extra perk at your job?
    The fact that I live 2 minutes away is huge for me!  And also the fact that I love the people I work with, that is so important since I spend so much time here.
  • I’ve asked this before, but what is your favorite thing to “pin” on Pinterest?
    Food/recipes, dog stuff, and home decor ideas
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  1. Check out this board:
    Recipes and DIYS (that I NEVER do) are my fave to pin. The best perk at my job is that I read blogs at work… Not exactly sanctioned. But I have time to do it. Lol. I always take some time in the morning to catch up on my faves. 🙂

    April 20, 2012
  2. I love pinning DIY stuff… that I promise I’ll get around to. And no worries, it took us a year to finally unpack our last box in our current apartment. It was the box that had all the random junk that you need but that really doesn’t have a home…

    April 20, 2012
  3. Here’s a couple favorites from the stash:
    Orange Peel Shrimp (or you could make it with chicken):
    Chicken lasagna:
    BBQ Chicken Pizza:

    April 20, 2012
  4. There are many perks of my teaching job (7th grade) – SUMMER BREAK, closely followed by Christmas break, spring break, fall break, winter break, you get the idea. I also LOVE my coworkers! I teach at the same school I went to K-12, so that’s fun too!

    April 20, 2012
    • You teach at the same school you went to?! That is cool!
      In Alaska, I always said teaching would be the best job there because the summers are so amazing and winters are kinda crappy so having summers off would be ideal – so you could enjoy what short summer there was to the full potential!

      April 20, 2012
  5. Oh, how I wish my boss would bring me froyo and Thai food! Lately, it’s all been baby pictures and whatever germs her young’n toted in from daycare.

    That’s the opposite of Thai food.

    April 23, 2012

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