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A Leg Strain & Something For Your Viewing/Listening Pleasure!


I’m glad you guys enjoyed the ridiculousness of yesterday’s story! It was bloody funny hearing about your own stories of hilarious fake accent use!

I’m keepin’ things short and sweet today…

Last night at training it was somewhat funny. It was a really hard circuit for me because we had 4 different moves that involved squatting (and 2 involving lunges). It was a killer. Anyway, we had 4 newbies at training last night. Which is awesome! But he paired one of the girls up with me so I could sort of help her along since it was a bigger group.

I felt horrible because I was basically dying last night and trying to hold it together so she A) didnt think I was a weirdo and B) so she wasnt too intimidated to come back again.

Well there was one move that involved a squat while holding a bar with a round weight on the side (really hard to explain) but he pointed out on the first round that I was subconsciously shifting my weight to one leg while squatting because I was scared the weight was going to hit my knee on the other side. Which he was right. So I kept reminding myself not to do it. Well by the end, I had basically strained that leg a little and it’s definitely a little sore today so I’m babying it.

Anyway I’m sure it will be fine by the time I head to training tomorrow night but I’m going to have to see how it feels and it it’s still sore, I will be avoiding squats like the plague.


So I wanted to share an amazing music video today.

It’s funny because a year or 2 ago (I suppose 2010?) a lovely friend and old coworker of mine in Alaska who has an absolutely amazing voice performed at a local coffee shop with two other girls (friends of hers who also have amazing voices). Her dad posted the video of the casual performance online and it ended up being pretty popular and got a few hits on YouTube.

So that led them to recording a music video for it (completely just for fun to share with family and friends) done by her brother who is an amazing producer (and photographer and musician as well!).

The video was created and originally shared about a year ago. Well, two days ago the video started circulating again by someone randomly sharing it on a particular website, and it has received a huge amount of hits just in the last 48 hours! 

If interested you can purchase their rendition on iTunes, and also Alana (the 2nd singer in the video) has a cover of Train’s “Marry Me” out there on iTunes as well that is just marvelous.

So I just wanted to share for your listening/viewing pleasure (your ears will thank me!) their voices are amazing!

Hope you enjoy!


**edited to add: if the video/audio is off or it appears choppy I apologize, I think it is just my site going slow. You can view it directly at YouTube here if you like.


  • Do you ever subconciously baby or favor a certain body part due to a fear of injury?
  • Random question (but I will reveal why I am asking later) but do you guys ever watch hair or make-up tutorial videos?
6 Comments Post a comment
  1. WOWZAS! awesome! My ears thank you indeed!! 🙂

    April 26, 2012
  2. Eeps! Hope your leg feels better!

    April 26, 2012
  3. what an amazing voice! thanks so much for sharing:)

    April 26, 2012
  4. yay. i always love a fun music suggestion!!

    April 26, 2012
  5. I went and downloaded it on itunes! Awesome- thanks for sharing!

    April 27, 2012
  6. ittybitsofbalance #

    Such a beautiful rendition of the song! Gah, hearing things like this make me want to be able to sing better haha. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

    April 28, 2012

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