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April Recap Linkup

Well… let’s summarize April around this blog shall we?….


I finally came up witha  solution for rice (since I am rediculous and cant ever cook it right). And now I can enjoy it all the time!

I shared some awesome recipes:

I gave you guys a few random confessions (like how I dont wash my face before bed) and also some more tidbits about my personality.

I went over the details of my food allergies and how I deal with them.

We talked about some of the best music for the 2000’s decade.

We had a few eventful things happen during the month too….

I also discovered that grocery shopping at Walmart really does save me money, even though it is a little crazy there.

And, I shared a friend and old coworker of mine’s music video that has gone viral!

I decided to share some books that are on my summer reading list with you guys too (book #1 is almost done already!)

Oh….and last (but definitely not least), I of course had to make a fool out of myself at least once during the month of April – I was caught in a lie using my fake accent.

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  1. oh i want to read this book! also, that muffin look perfect. i’ve hardly ever seen a more perfect peanut butter swirl top anything in my entire life. i kid you not.

    May 6, 2012

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