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Randomocity – Storage War & A Bad Week

I’m not gonna lie…I am sorta running out of cool ways to say “random.”

Anyway… let’s get to it shall we? (I said that in my English-Australian accent by the way)

Random #1: Places that I wish delivered/made house calls

  • Frozen yogurt, even if it were a little melty, thatd be ok
  • Mexican food (though it probably wouldnt be very good upon delivery)
  • Starbucks. Seriously… best idea ever
  • The laundry fairy. I know this doesnt exist, but wouldnt it be fabulous if someone just came and did your laundry for you? #lazy

Random #2: There is just something a little weird about this….
This truly is random. But… as I have mentioned before, I love our apartment. We have a nice big 1,020 square foot one bedroom apartment.

Anyway, the other day I was talking to my sister and I have a weird storage issue, that I didnt realize was weird… until now.

Okay, so we have a little laundry room for our washer and dryer, which is so nice to have.

camera 158

We have a walk in closet that is packed to the brim with clothes and accessories; we have a coat closet when you first walk in that is filled with jackets, piles of extra shoes, and some extra stuff (umbrellas, dog leashes, etc); and then we had a storage closet (or “shed”) off of our porch which has boxes of shit we dont use and all of our outdoors stuff like camping, rafts, etc.

We also have a little linen closet in our spare [half] bathroom that I keep cleaning supplies and linens in (duh) – meaning towels and sheets.

And then, there is the pantry. This is where things get weird. When I moved in I was very confused about the pantry….because it is in the sunroom…which is not really near the kitchen. I went back and forth on what to do here because it really wasnt convenient, so I opted to use some cabinets in the kitchen as our “pantry” and then in the real pantry closet in the sunroom, I just keep extra dry food stuff/supplies and extra kitchen stuff that is only used occasionally (serving platters, crockpots, George Foreman, etc).

And then… in the pantry… is bedding. I never thought anything about it until I was describing it to someone else. What the hell? It is sort of weird/gross that I keep extra blankets and pillows and an air mattress in our pantry.

Now that I have realized this, it bothers me and I am going to have to move things around. But I am weird like that. The linen closet in the bathroom is too small (its narrow) to keep pillows and blankets… maybe a vacuum sealed bag of some sort that I could keep under our bed?

Random #3: Beach
We are going to the beach for Memorial Day weekend….which is next week already! Crazy.

This is one of the few holidays that my company actually allows us to close and have off (yeah, we have to be open the day after Thanksgiving and also Christmas Eve…ew). So obviously, I am excited for a true 3 day weekend! We are heading to the beach with Torrance’s aunt and uncle. And even better yet – his mom is flying up from FL to join us!

This will be my first visit to a beach in NC. We are planning on heading to Topsoil beach. I have heard mixed reviews on the beaches here. I’m curious to see what its like, I have been spoiled with the beaches of the Caribbean and Florida.



Either way, I love the beach in general so I don’t really care. And I will be be ready with my SPF 50 in hand.

Random #4: I had a really bad week
I hate whining or sounding negative. But I did. A lot of stuff didnt go the way I wanted, I didnt sleep much, and yesterday I got sent over the edge a little because my work computer got a virus that wiped my hard drive. I spent 2 hours trying to save it and eventually it had to go to tech support.

I went home at lunch shortly after that feeling all defeated and then I got attacked by a bird. Which, I dont know if you guys remember, but I am terrified of birds.

There was a bird’s nest in a little nook on the ceiling/roof of the second floor stairwell at my apartment. It apparently had babies in it’s nest and it dive bombed me as I was walking Kona down the stairs. Kona was no help in the situation – she is a pointer and a lab (retriever) which is like the ultimate bird/hunting dog. Along those lines, she primarily takes the pointer gene because she will usually look at a bird in a tree and then “point” it out and slowly approach it.

Well when I was getting attacked – she was pointing at it.

She basically looked like a brown version of this.


Not helping Kona.


Have a great Friday!

  • What/where is somewhere that you wish delivered or made house calls?
  • Do you struggle with storage at your current home?
  • What/where is your favorite beach?
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  1. awww girl, i hate those kind of crappy weeks, but at least you have a nice FUN long weekend to look forward to next week! 🙂

    me and kev technically have a 3 bedroom apartment..but its SO small. If we didnt have the attic space we had, we’d be completely screwed storage wise. We dont have a pantry, only a few cabinets in the kitchen so its tough to even fit our food in the kitchen..we have three closets filled to the brim with jackets, clothes, kitchen appliances, huge bags of cat/dog, its terrible. i’m dying for the day we finally buy a house!

    May 18, 2012
  2. I struggle with kitchen storage. It seems like we have so much room, but it’s just awkwardly designed!

    May 18, 2012
  3. Frozen yogurt as delivery?! I can imagine how that might go for me….probably mostly around my middle because I prefer much more of the topping bar than the actual fro-yo 🙂

    I hope your weekend goes better than your week my dear; hang in there!

    May 18, 2012
  4. I could go for a bakery delivery … like delivering fresh baked goods for breakfast or cupcakes after dinner. 🙂

    May 18, 2012

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