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Randoms–Bunnies, Impromptu Workout, & Jet Ski Blues

Random #1: Paula makes me want a bunny.
Kona would eat it, but maybe not and they could learn to be friends?


Random #2: I really need to plan a vacay soon.
I used to go on a couple a year. This is actually one thing I looked forward to being down here it is so much cheaper to travel – flying in and out of Alaska gets expensive and I have mentioned, and you cant really just drive over state lines in a simple trip either so it is jsut a little more convenient from down here.

Anyway, we have a few small trips planned this summer, and after things mellow out a longer trip back to Belize may be in order.

Southwater caye 5

What? I like a free place to stay!

Random#3: No more Fifty.
A quick sidenote, this comment makes me think of Fifty Cent, remember him? Reminds me of high school days.

But what I mean is, on Sunday night I finished the last of the Fifty Shades books. It was sad. No, not sad that I finished all three in 6 days (ok, thats a little sad), but rather sad that even with the corny scenes, repetitive writing, and annoying possessive/jealousy issues – I’m sad it’s over. Wah.

I have moved onto my next read though, and easier one. And I like this guy, he’s pretty funny.


You can read the gyst of it here.

Random #4: Have you ever wondered what would happen…..
If your dog ate cupcake papers/wrappers?

Well, your in luck. No need to wonder any longer, because Torrance went on a cupcake eating binge in the middle of the night the other night and then threw the wrappers in the bathroom trash…. and then Kona ate them the next day when we left for work.

I of course did research and most stuff I found said for bigger dogs it shouldn’t be an issue and they will digest them or nature will take it’s course (for smaller dogs, the papers can get caught in their digestive tracts sometimes it sounds like).

This will be TMI, but hey – you were wondering. She has gradually been pooping them out over the last day or so. It has been…. effin digusting interesting. I dont know what I am gonna do with her.


Random #5. Random gym time
The guys wanted to go to the gym last night at 9. I decided to tag along since it was my night off from training.

They have been goin to a little locally owned gym that is down the road from us. It has pretty much anything you would need – lots of equipment.

I did a little time on the elliptical and then got to work doing some abs/core with the medicine ball, stability ball, and kettlebells. My arms and legs were both sore from Wednesday night’s training, so I figured it would be a good time to get some extra core workout in! All moves I learned thanks to my training of course.

My favorite lately has been wall sits with an overhead ball chop.



I am also proud to say I planked for a minute and 40 seconds straight without stopping. I think that is a new record for me.

Random #6: I miss my jet ski
A couple years ago I found an mazing deal on an older jet ski. This was right after Torrance had bought his jet ski (a stand-up though) so I knew we would be making frequent trips to the lake.


Sadly with our move, we didn’t have any room to bring it down with us since it has a trailer and all so we had to sell it to one of our friends. We are going to the lake this weekend and I know I might even cry a little when I am watching Torrance out there enjoying his.


My skills on the stand-up are less than par.


  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • Ever rode a stand-up jet ski (or at least tried?)
  • What is one of your favorite ab/core moves? Include a link or picture how if you want!
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  1. Haha I can’t believe your dog ate the cupcake wrappers. Actually, I can believe it, but it’s pretty funny! 😉

    My mom is in town this weekend, so we’ll be doing fun things like going out to dinner, getting frozen yogurt, going to a wine tasting, etc. We’ll also be working on the new house a bit, but I’d rather do fun stuff than work! 😉

    June 8, 2012
    • oo froyo AND wine tasting? that would be my ideal weekend agenda! haha

      June 8, 2012
      • Oh I forgot to tell ya earlier … be sure to check out my blog today b/c you’re in it! 😉 Have a great day!

        June 8, 2012
  2. So many things to say:

    1)Um, you did a 40 second plank?!? You are my hero!!! I have to start doing more ab exercises–they are so critical for running and staying un-injured!

    2) I had a bunny–they are awesome in theory–less awesome in reality–ESPECIALLY when you have a dog!

    3) I cannot wait to hear what you think of Drop Dead Healthy–I have been debating that one–it sounds super interesting, but I have started 2 different books so I have got to finish them before starting another!

    4) I never thought how difficult it would be to vacation in Alaska–you really can’t just “drive” to somewhere warm!

    June 8, 2012
  3. Oh Boyd has eaten SOOO many cupcake and muffin wrappers. It’s like he stalks the trash for them. He also loves paper towels. Little freak. I’m honestly too big of a baby to probably jet ski. I’ve never really done anything like that in the water.I do want to try Stand Up Paddleboarding though. I think it’d be really fun!

    June 8, 2012
  4. I love how the first thing I read is “I want a bunny, Kona would eat it.” That made me snort laugh. I love the story about the cupcake wrappers. That Kona. What are we going to do with her! Sit down jet ski’s scare me b/c I flew off of one once….I can’t even fathom going on a stand up one!!
    This weekend is yoga and the Furry 5k!! I haven’t really mentioned it (I’m not sure why) but it should be a great time! 🙂

    June 8, 2012

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