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May Recap Linkup

Oops! I’ve been so busy with summery things that I forgot I never recapped May!

May was definitely a busy month for me! I still like to do the monthly recaps incase you were busy too and you didnt have time to keep up with reading blogs and all that nonsense – an opportunity to catch up on some of the highlights and happenings around here!


I shared 6 things I have learned from my training program

I went to a super fun/crazy outdoor concert and got to see a ton of bands!

I shared a couple of recipes including:

I showed you guys what I keep in my gym bag

As well as a guest post over at Pretty.Random.Things to show you what was in my purse!

I also shared a refreshing summer recipe…. for your dog

And I tried Cinnabon for the first time…

And also shared a really Jammin 30 minute playlist!

I also discovered a really cool sports bra finder thanks to Champion sportswear.

And we spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach – my first beach trip in NC!

And last but definitely not least – I read all three Fifty Shades books in 6 days! Yikes. Here are my thoughts while I was reading them. Dont worry, my final thoughts since finishing all of them are soon to come!

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