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The Warmest Lake Ever (PS–I Need A Boat)

Well, I’m happy to report we had an awesome weekend at the lake!


We took Torrance’s jet ski and met some friends that have a boat and also Torrance’s aunt and uncle out there and spent the day on the water.

I must say, it was the warmest lake I have ever been in, like bath water.

We found ourselves a little island to hang out on and took turns out on the boat wakeboarding, skiing, and the like. I actually didn’t attempt wakeboarding at all sadly, maybe next time though!

Torrance, however, was a wakeboarding fool as usual.


And it was fun watching everyone attempt the stand-up jet ski…


Well, I shouldn’t say attempt, everyone ended up being successful…eventually.


It was definitely an awesome day! And we have decided that it is our goal mission in life to buy a boat next summer.

Oh yeah, there was this one downfall….when we were heading back to the dock and Torrance’s uncle hopped out to pull the boat in, he had his truck keys in hand and dropped them into the lake.

He dove around (it was about 10 feet) with goggles and a light for about 30 minutes and ended up finding someone elses set of keys (that had obviously been there for a while) and a pair of sunglasses… but no luck on his.

Major bummer, his aunt and another lady that had driven together in another vehicle headed back home so she could grab the extra set of keys for his truck and turn around and make the 40 minute drive back to save the day – but it definitely was a little bit of a disappointment for them!


We spent most of Sunday just hanging out. We were all sore from swimming and all that (and the guys from wakeboarding and all that more strenuous stuff) and we lounged around and did pretty much nothing – it was marvelous.

The highlight was definitely dinner. Yum.


Grilled pineapple, seriously….the bomb (<—do people still say that?).

I paired the kabobs and pineapple with steamed asparagus and a baked sweet potato with a little salt and pepper.


So delish!

I’m testing out something different with my eating… I’ll fill ya in later Winking smile


I’m off to the usual Monday festivities [back to work….ew].

Have a great day!

  • Ever lost anything important? 
    I have dropped my really expensive sunglasses in the water before, but nothing else really important like phone, keys, or wallet luckily!
  • What do you like to put on kabobs?
    Typically I like orange peppers, shrimp, steak, zucchini, and mushrooms!
  • Do you prefer your sweet potatoes with sweet toppings (honey/cinnamon/etc) or savory? (butter/salt/pepper/etc)
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  1. Looks like you went to Belews creek. We use to go there all the time in high school. That lake has many memories, lol. I wonder if the nuclear plant has anything to do with it staying so warm?

    June 11, 2012
    • haha well we were actually near the plant and i was like OMG im not swimming in there there is going to be deformed fish and apparently it is a Coal plant (not a nuclear plant) the guy we were twith with the boat actually works for duke energy haha but yes he said that that does have something to do with why its so warm!

      June 11, 2012
  2. Kabobs are such a good summer food! We made some this weekend also and they were so tasty! We made ours with chicken but next time I might have to try steak!

    June 11, 2012
  3. i used to lose my cell phone all the time but luckily that hasnt happened in a while (i hope i dont jinx myself by saying that)

    your dinner looks soooo delicious, now i want grilled pineapple as well 🙂

    i love love love either butter and cinnamon on my sweet potatoes or honey 🙂

    June 11, 2012
  4. I want grilled pineapple soooo bad. Kevin doesn’t like it! Boo!!!!! Sweet potatoes are menat to be savory in our book!! Lol. If it’s sweet, it reminds me of the gross canned yams!!

    June 11, 2012
    • eww i have never had those but they dont sound appealing!
      I just found a recipe for grilled pineapple for a dessert… dip them in coconut milk and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and grill and then serve them on top of ice cream or frozen yogurt! YUM

      June 11, 2012
  5. I have a friend who had his cell phone in his pocket when he went out on a jet ski. And promptly got dumped in the water. No bueno!
    Grilled pineapple is totally the bomb <— I say it all the time!! 😉

    June 11, 2012
  6. I like both sweet and savory toppings on my sweet potatoes – it just depends on my mood. I lost my favorite pair of cheap sunglasses in the ocean, but I think that’s about it. I’m curious to see what you’re doing differently with your eating! I started a ten day cleanse today, and I know these first few days are going to be rough, but I’m hoping the health benefits will outweigh that!

    June 11, 2012
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