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Happy Birthday To You…

Guess who is turning the big TWO-FIVE today?


My partner in crime.

The sweet-eating chocolate lover.


Yeah, he’s getting old….


But I think he will always be one of those “kids at heart.”



happy birthday to the man that always keeps me entertained….


And that I love dearly.


Yep, I sure do love that guy!

And to think, we have known each other for 13 years now (and dating a little over 9)!

I got his birthday cake ready last night – his most favorite cake is Devils Food Cake out of box, psshh, works for me – easy!

And, bless his all-American crazy food choices heart, he wants to go to Ruby Tuesday for dinner – out of all places. He’s so crazy.

But, I am a firm believer of the get-what-you-want-on-your-birthday rule, so….princess Torrance rules all today.


  • How long have you known your significant other (if you’re single – what about your best friend/partner in crime?)
  • What are 3 personality traits/describing words you would use to describe your significant other (or best friend/partner in crime).
    Playful, indecisive, and hyper
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  1. Aww happy birthday to him!!! When it was my hubby’s birthday this past year, he wanted this orange chicken that I make from a box … you just add chicken to their ingredients. Hilarious.

    I’ve known Brandon for about 3 years now. We started as friends in May 2009. Started dating in September 09, got engaged in April 2010, and then married in December 2010. 🙂 I would describe Brandon as intelligent, thoughtful, and playful. And handsome, and kind, and generous and …. 😉

    June 13, 2012
  2. We love Ruby Tuesday! I don’t know what it is about it…if we can’t decide where to eat, we always end up there!

    Happy Birthday to your favorite guy! 🙂

    June 13, 2012
    • i know! i love it too! usually he picks somewhere fancy because he likes lobster on special occasions (he is so predictable haha) but he said hes just feeling mellow

      June 13, 2012
  3. ittybitsofbalance #

    Happy birthday to Torrance!

    I’ve known Will for about 7 years! But we actually never spoke for the first 4 haha. Oh, high school…

    And I’d describe him as compassionate, loving, and encouraging 😀

    June 13, 2012
  4. Happy b-day, T!! Wow. He seems so adventurous. Love that you described him as HYPER. Kevin and I have only known each other for about three years. Dating for basically two and married for almost one!! We didn’t waste time. Lol. Three words? Loyal, cute, & funny!

    June 13, 2012
  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Torrance!! How exciting, I love birthdays. Birthday boy gets what birthday boy wants. I follow that rule too!
    I have known Paul for two years on August 20th. And we have been married a year. Crazy!! Hey, when you know you know I guess. Three words for him…loving, caring and funny. He just makes my heart melt every day. Love him!! Hope you guys have fun at RT!! 😉

    June 13, 2012
  6. I have been with my hubby for almost 7 years and we just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. He is super simple when it comes to food too. He wanted to eat at Rudys for his bday last month (a bbq joint). So simple. Im like take me to cheesecake factory so i can dress up, have a strawberry martini and some cheesecake! I goball out for my bday! Haha

    June 13, 2012
  7. yay happy birthday torrance!! im amused he picked ruby tuesdays…but totally not hatin on it because their salad bar is awesome 🙂

    I’ve seen kevin around town ever since i moved here in 2008..but we didnt start talking until Oct 2009 and started dating in Dec 2009…sooo we’ve been together for 2 and a half years now.

    I’d describe kevin as courageous, silly and caring 🙂

    June 13, 2012
  8. Let’s see…Daniel and I have known each other for about 13 years, and in December it will be TEN YEARS since our first date. We also celebrate our five year wedding anniversary this year in October! Daniel is genuine, hard working, and funny.

    Happy birthday, Torrance! I hope you enjoyed Ruby Tuesdays and your awesome cake!

    June 13, 2012

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