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An Update On The “Foodie Cleanse”….(Oops, I ate cake)

I figured today, since it is my 5th day into my “eating cleanse” (make-over, detox, rules, whatever you want to call it!), I would share some of the food I have been enjoying and some thoughts thus far.

I will do another update sometime next week and then my final thoughts when it is done. Just for those of you who may be interesting in such things!

So…I mentioned, breakfasts have mostly been eggs, or oats with fruit. Today I will actually be enjoying a smoothie to switch it up a little.

food1 (Egg sandwich with spinach and shaved turkey)

And then for lunch I have been having things like this:


(sweet potato with salt and pepper with a spinach and romaine salad with shrimp, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, and cucumber with some balsamic)

Or yesterday, I had this:


(A wrap with chicken breast, corn, black beans, spinach, tomatoes,
and some Greek yogurt)

That wrap was a little iffy… I pushed the rules a little. I tried to find the most fibrous, whole grain, with protein wrap/tortilla I could find – but when it comes down to it it IS a processed carb.

For dinner the other night, I enjoyed this:


(steamed green beans with some balsamic, black beans, and chicken breast cooked with lemon, garlic, and fresh basil)

I know, anyone that knows me (or is a frequent reader) is probably shocked that all my food is touching in the above “beany” dinner. Sadly I was forced to cram it all on a salad plate because I didn’t feel like washing a normal sized one, I survived though.


Yesterday I pushed the limits a little, I wont lie. And I slipped up a little. But very surprisingly, yesterday was really the only day I have had issues (my self control is better than I thought)!

I had that wrap, which isnt that big of a deal. But we went out for Torrance’s birthday dinner. At the last minute he changed his mind from Ruby Tuesday to Red Lobster.

I’m not a fan of Red Lobster, but honestly I didn’t really care last night since A) it is whatever birthday boy desires, and B) I would be eating boring stuff anyway so I don’t think it really mattered where we went.

I actually did really good, I ordered a grilled scallop and shrimp entrée with rice and steamed broccoli. I asked for no butter on the shrimp. The rice was a “wild rice” mix so I ate about half of it. And surprisingly the scallops were some of the BEST I have had. Really, they were very good. I also enjoyed a glass of wine – shockingly, my first this week.

I did try out a stuffed mushroom (just one) from the appetizer that the guys ordered – which should have been off limits since it included lots of cheese and creaminess.

And then when we got home…. I had a couple bites of cake. Dammit, I couldn’t resist. If it were cake on a regular day I think I could have – but birthday cake?! Come on!


As far as differences/struggles/etc…. well here’s a little breakdown:

  • I am still struggling with snacks a little bit – mostly fruit, a hard boiled egg, or Greek yogurt.
  • I also think that I need to fuel up a little better before my workout, a carb and protein packed snack. I could feel the difference at training on Tuesday because I didn’t have my usual protein bar beforehand, so tonight before I go I will be sure to eat something a little more hearty as my afternoon snack (rather than just fruit).
  • As far as differences, I do feel a little better but honestly I am wondering if that is a mental thing – just knowing that I am giving my body better food.
  • I don’t really feel any noticeable difference in my energy level [yet]
  • The biggest positive change I have to report is my…uh….digestive system seems to be functioning a little better (I’ll spare you those details for now).
  • As for weight,  since I know that will be a question some are wondering about, I have gone down about 4 pounds – which, like I have mentioned before, I fluctuate within the same 4 pounds almost daily it seems so anything over that I would consider success, though it has been consistently down everyday (rather than going up, going down, going back up, etc) throughout the last few days so that is probably a good sign too!

I’m sure further in I will have some more updates and changes for you guys!


Oh, and if you are wondering, for Torrance’s birthday present, we were kind of boring this year because he wanted to just order some stuff for his jet ski – but I’m a first believer in having something to open on your birthday so I got him a little bag that I put a note in that I scheduled him a massage at a nice little place down the road from us that we go to occasionally.

I have a ton going on at work today (or in the next couple weeks actually…) so I’m off to get things rolling! Have a great Thursday!

  • Current favorite snack of yours?
  • How often do you weigh yourself (if ever)?
    Typically I would do once a week or once every two weeks but for the purpose of keeping track of any results and staying in tune with my body during this “cleanse” I am doing it daily.
  • What is your favorite “chain” restaurant?
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  1. You are doing great!!! I would have had a hard time resisting those cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster! I haven’t been there in about 8 years, but I know how good those things are! I’m on day 4 of the Master Cleanse, and yesterday was hard. I had to go buy food for my foodie penpal box, and it was rough. They say you can do 3-30 days on the cleanse, and my original goal was just to do 3. I think I’m going to go through 5 days and then switch to a diet of nothing but fruits and veggies for a couple of days to ease back into things. My digestive issues are starting to work themselves out as well. 😉

    I haven’t been weighing myself lately because I knew the number was higher than I wanted (by about ten pounds – eek). At the doctor two weeks ago they weighed me, and then I weighed yesterday morning and I was down about 7 pounds since then, so I was pretty excited.

    Chain restaurants…I like Outback and Longhorn, but sometimes I crave things like BWW haha.

    June 14, 2012
  2. My favorite snacks of the moment are red grapes and watermelon! And my normal go-to snack is a banana with peanut butter, that one never gets old.

    I don’t typically weigh myself since when I do I let it get in my head and affect the whole day (ugh). I always just base things on how my clothes are fitting. I figure that’s a pretty good indication of whether I’m eating and exercising right.

    My favorite chain is Chipotle!

    June 14, 2012
  3. hahaha i joke around a lot about red lobster but me and kev got a GC there for xmas and when we went it wasnt too bad. scallops-YUM. and i agree, you simply cannot deprive yourself of birthday cake 😉

    favorite snack lately is these sweet chili pistachios…so addicting!

    i weigh myself everyday but I dont get upset over it anymore, its more to just make sure the fluctuations dont get TOO out of hand..(i literally fluctuate between a 10 pound spectrum…with the running and my carb intake.. so if it goes over that, i know im in trouble)

    favorite “chain” restaurant is a toss up for me between houlihans and bonefish grill…outback is a close third bc they have awesome salmon 🙂

    June 14, 2012
  4. You really ARE doing great! Red Lobster would have gotten me for sure, since I love it there. And I definitely would have been eating cake. No way I could resist. I am impressed with your willpower! But actually, all of your food looks really good!
    I have been eating absolutely horrendously lately, but meh, what can ya do.

    I never weigh myself. Really, really rarely, I think the last time was probably before Christmas. I prefer to just go by how I’m feeling about myself and how my clothes fit. I can tell if I’m gaining weight without weighing myself 🙂 But I do know that I too fluctuate about 5 pounds daily!

    Fave chain restaurant is LoneStar hands down! LOVE their fajitas and their homemade chips and salsa!

    June 14, 2012
  5. All your eats look great and I think you are doing awesome!! Birthday cake is not meant to be resisted. We all know what you mean about the digestive system and its awesome that things are more “on track” in that department!
    My fave chain restaurant is Chilis and Sonic. AND there is NOT a Chilis where I live and the closes Sonic is like 45 min away. I guess thats a good thing?

    June 14, 2012
  6. Jenn #

    All your meals look great! I’m definitely going to be stealing some of those in preparing my menu next week (especially that shrimp salad). So, Thanks! And I firmly believe that Birthdays should ALWAYS have room for some cheating without any regret, if not for an entire day. Birthdays don’t happen every day, you know! :o)

    Current favorite snacks are apple slices (sometimes with those little individual Jif To Go Natural Peanut Butter servings), pistachios or string cheese.

    I try to weigh myself once every 2 weeks but sometimes once a week if I really want to monitor it.

    Favorite chain is Qdoba – I love the chicken taco salad and am so weak to resisting the shell when I know I should be eating it “naked”. Thank goodness it’s not that close to my house!

    June 14, 2012
  7. My favorite chain is chick-fil-a. lol. and DQ!! Lol.

    I definitely think I start to feel better right away when I start cleaning up my eating. It’s not in your head! But I would definitely work on getting that solid snack before training .You don’t want to waste your time in the gym with low energy!! 🙂

    June 14, 2012
  8. All of your meals look delicious (and major props for one glass of wine this week!!). My favorite snack lately has been watermelon and edamame; weird but delicious 🙂

    June 15, 2012

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