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Random Friday – Glitter Manicure & A Heat Wave

Random #1: Well hello….

I know, everyone is sick of hearing about weather, heat, and fires.

This was the first day (actually first time in my life) I actually put the sun visor in the windshield of my truck to protect it. I looked like a jackass diong it too, I shoved it all in there and even used my feet some to push it in place (while wearing a dress today… very ladylike). The important thing is that it’s in there…protecting.

Random #2: Speaking of which….
Someone brought me this this morning.

Strawberry banana smoothie from McD’s…I have to say it is actually pretty good, and refreshing.

Random #3: Glitter
I know… I am probably overdoing it on the glitter but I am loving this quick glitter manicure I gave myself the other night.

Easiest thing ever. I painted on a coat of clear, then used my OPI silver glitter polish and did 2 coats of that just on the tips. With glitter they dont have to be prcise either because you cant tell if its sloppy, and then did another coat of clear over the top.


Random #4: I need more sundresses
A shopping spree is in my future.

Random #5: I am so jealous…

….that brown dogs get to relax all day.

Not fair.

Random #6: Oo0ps…
I have been eating bad this week. We have been on the run nonstop. I think the healthiest thing I ate this week was the “fruit salad.”

I made a vow to eat lots of veggies next week.

Random #7: Weirdest DMV experience ever
I passed my driver test and will be getting my NC license in the mail soon.

But on another note, it was the strangest DMV experience I have ever had. Everyone told me to go out to this one in a neighboring county (the neighboring county is sort of the “country county too where all the cows are) because there is never a wait. Which of course sounded good to me.

Well I drove to the middle of nowhere to the DMV… basically through corn fields.

I kept checking my GPS to make sure I was going the right way.

I eventually arrived and it was just in an old school and was literally just an old classroom with two desks that people worked at and like 10 waiting chairs. And yes, there was no one there which was nice.

Random #8: Lots of festivities
Torrance’s mom flew in yesterday and will be staying for about 10 days and we have some other family coming to visit so we will be busy busy this next week. Hopefully this weekend we will get out on the lake.

**Edited to add this last very important thought** :

Random #9: Do you think they will play Magic Mike in iMax 3D?

A girl can dream.


  • What’s your weather looking like this weekend?
  • If you won a $500 shopping spree to use tomorrow, what one store would you go spend it at?
    Right now American Eagle because there are a couple dresses I want from there and I love their shorts and T’s.
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  1. phew, its gonna be much hotter where you are! its going to be in the 90s this weekend but nothing toooo nutty!

    wow what a good question…i’d say its a toss up between abercrombie and urban outfitters. i love both of their clothes 🙂

    June 29, 2012
  2. Ugh, that’s what the weather looks like every day of the summer down here in southern TX. Last year, I think we went something like 90 days with temperatures over 100.

    If I won $500 the first place I’d go is Coach. I could so use a new purse but I just can’t justify the price tag right now.

    June 29, 2012
  3. Looks like we’re going to be in the chilly 90s. Haha. It’s been in the 100s so much in CO!!! Love the glitter manicure. I’d be tempted to hit up J.Crew!

    June 29, 2012
  4. Magic Mike in 3D Imax, that sounds like a dream come true. Then again…. so does that Brown Dog Life.

    June 29, 2012
  5. I think Seattle is the only place in the country right now thats NOT hot!! I think I would go to Target for sure. I could drop $500 in there any day of the week and twice on Sundays. 🙂

    July 2, 2012
  6. Can you believe how hot it got??? It was about the same here in Atlanta. Ridiculous.

    July 13, 2012

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